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Laws of Cricket 1947 Code (Fourth Edition)
Law 10 - Rolling, Mowing and Watering

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Unless permitted by special regulations, the pitch shall not be rolled during a match except before the start of each innings and of each day’s play, when, if the captain of the batting side so elect, it may be swept and rolled for not more than 7 minutes. In a match of less than three days' duration, the pitch shall not be mown during the match unless "Special Regulations" so provide. In a match of three or more days' duration, the pitch shall be mown under the supervision of the umpires before play begins on alternate days after the start of a match, but should the pitch not be so mown on any day on account of play not taking place, it shall be mown on the first day on which the match is resumed and thereafter on alternate days. (For the purpose of this Law a rest day counts as a day.) Under no circumstances shall the pitch be watered during a match.


  1. The umpires are responsible that any rolling permitted by this Law and carried out at the request of the captain of the batting side, is in accordance with the regulations laid down and that it is completed so as to allow play to start at the stipulated time. The normal rolling before the start of each day's play shall take place not earlier than half an hour before the start of play, but the captain of the batting side may delay such rolling until 10 minutes before the start of play should he so desire.
  2. The time allowed for rolling shall be taken out of the normal playing time if a captain declare an innings closed either, (a) before play starts on any day so late that the other captain is prevented from exercising his option in regard to rolling under this Law, or (b) during the luncheon interval later than 15 minutes after the start of such interval.
  3. Except in the United Kingdom, if at any time a rain-affected pitch is damaged by play thereon, it shall be swept and rolled for a period of not more than ten consecutive minutes at any time between the close of play on the day on which it was damaged and the next resumption of play, provided that:
    1. The umpires shall instruct the groundsman to sweep and roll the pitch only after they have agreed that damage caused to it as a result of play after rain has fallen warrants such rolling additional to that provided for in Law 10.
    2. Such rolling shall in all cases be done under the personal supervision of both umpires and shall take place at such time and with such roller as the groundsman shall consider best calculated to repair the damage to the pitch.
    3. Not more than one such additional rolling shall be permitted as a result of rain on any particular day.
    4. The rolling provided for in Law 10 to take place before the start of play shall not be permitted on any day on which the rolling herein provided for takes place within two hours of the time appointed for commencement of play on that day.

Reproduction of the Laws of Cricket is by kind permission of Marylebone Cricket Club