AUS: Domestic Season 1992/93 - Western Aust. Season Summary

                 Western Australia
      Western Australia would  be  disappointed  with  their
season, after calling the 1991/92 season a rebuilding season
and having a surprising win, a lot was expected of  them  in
this  season.  However  a  complete absence of form from the
older players saw the younger  players  Martyn,  Langer  and
Julian  propping  the  team  up.  Martyn matching Mark Waugh
early in the season for Western Australia,  however  he  was
unavailable  there after and the batting was poor until late
in the season when the  experienced  players  came  back  to
form.  Unfortunately  by this stage the bowling of Angel and
Julian had fallen away and they were unable  to  bowl  sides
out.  Western  Australia  also missed Tom Moody's underrated
bowling in the first half of the season.
      Tom Moody appeared to still be struggling to  overcome
his  abysmal  Sri  Lankan tour, and with Michael Veletta and
Tim Zoehrer all struggling, it was  to  Damien  Martyn  that
most  responsibility fell in the earlier part of the season.
His responded with centuries in both innings  of  the  first
match  and  centuries  in his first three shield matches. He
finished with 669 runs in just 5  matches  for  WA  and  the
healthy  average of 96. Just to emphasise the responsibility
that fell to the WA youth the next most  successful  batsman
was  Justin  Langer whose 672 runs at 44.8 brought him to in
front of  the  selectors.  Geoff  Marsh's  season  was  good
statistically  with  905 runs at 43, the fact that he made 5
centuries was indicative  of  the  fact  that  he  generally
struggled  expect  for a couple of innings. Both Veletta and
Moody has poor starts to the season, being both on the verge
of  being dropped. They started to scores runs in the second
half of the season and finished with runs in the high  600's
and  mid  thirty  averages.  Both would be disappointed with
there effort's and Moody having no English  commitments  can
get  over  some niggling injuries.  Mark Lavender would have
been very unhappy with his performances, he was given plenty
of  opportunities  with Wayne Andrews being dropped from the
side, he  failed  to  capitalise  however  making  a  single
century  but  only 283 runs at a meagre 23.58. Wayne Andrews
had an extraordinarily bad season for a players who normally
displays  consistency,  in  his 13 innings he failed to pass
fifty once. A young player slightly older than Langer in Rob
Kelly  got  his first chance to play first class cricket, he
scored only 94 runs in his three matches. He has quality, he
should  show  it when given more opportunities. Wicketkeeper
Tim Zoehrer had a solid year with the gloves, given them  up
less  for  the  ball,  he  did suffer the lack of early form
similar to Veletta and Moody, however he did come back  with
some fine innings at important stages late in the season.
      With Terry Alderman (20 wickets at 36) struggling, and
Tom   Moody   not   bowling   because   of  a  back  injury,
responsibility  in  the  bowling  lineup  fell  to  the  two
youngest  players Brendan Julian and Jo Angel.  Both started
the season well but fell away towards the  end.  Julian  who
finished  with 43 wickets at 31 was unlucky to be overlooked
for the final test against the West Indies for Jo Angel  (31
wickets  at 34), however he was rightfully selected to go to
England.  Alderman  struggled  rarely  getting  above  slow-
medium,  swing was lacking from his bowling and he struggled
to take wickets.  Bruce  Reid  started  well,  his  comeback
though  was ill-fated as he never got above medium pace, and
could have cost WA some  points  from  the  two  matches  he
played. Mark Atkinson bowled with aggression but appeared to
lack  the  quality,  although  his  batting  on  debut   was
excellent, 90 runs in two innings at more than a run a ball.
Western Australia was again shown up for a lack of  spinner,
with  left  armer  Jamie  Stewart tried without success, and
right arm finger spinner Steven Herzberg  only  getting  one
match,  and  with  Zoehrer  staying behind the stumps it was
obvious  that  WA  lacked   variety   in   attack.   Another
disappointment   for   WA  would  have  been  Moody's  early
unavailability as he proved  when  he  came  back  to  be  a
quality bowler. Forcing the collapse of Queensland with a 14
over spell for 1 wicket and 18 runs, in a game WA  won,  and
his 4 for 44 precipitating a collapse by SA that should have
put WA in which a good chance of victory.

Match      Date    Venue                                  Result
WA v Vic  9.10.92 Perth   Vic 132(42.3) WA 0-135(32.4)    WA 10w
WA v NSW 11.10.92 Perth   NSW 8-206(50.0) WA 2-207(47.5)  WA 8w
WA v Tas 17.10.92 Perth   WA 8-218(50.0) Tas 3-219 (48.5) Tas 7w
Qld v WA 21.10.92 BrisbaneWA 370 184,Qld 221 283          WA 50r
Qld v WA 25.10.92 BrisbaneWA 7-221(50.0) Qld 4-222(45.2)  Qld 6w
SA v WA  31.10.92 AdelaideSA 9-173(50.0) WA 4-176(44.4)   WA 6w
WA v WI   6.11.92 Perth   WI 280 4-326,WA 7-329 131       WI 236r
WA v NSW 14.11.92 Perth   WA 159 286,NSW 220 5-229        NSW 5w
Vic v WA  4.12.92 St KildaWA 212 3-337,Vic 352            Drawn
WA v SA  11.12.92 Perth   SA 409 6-284,WA 6-304 7-392     WA 3w
WA v Tas 18.12.92 Perth   WA 417 9-268,Tas 9-457          Drawn
WA v Vic  8.1.93  Perth   WA 448,Vic 265 7-457            Drawn
NSW v WA  3.2.93  Sydney  WA 467 168,NSW 452 3-186        NSW 7w
Vic v WA 13.2.93  M'bourneVic 9-187(50.0) WA 109(42.1)    Vic 78r
WA v QLd  5.3.93  Perth   Qld 381 233,WA 298 3-318        WA 7w
Tas v WA 11.3.93  Hobart  WA 321 299,Tas 7-370 6-170      Drawn
SA v WA  18.3.93  AdelaideWA 5-323 9-235,SA 8-334 1-226   SA 9w

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