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There`s a place for a solid batsman - S.M.Gavaskar

Sanjay Manjrekar`s splendid innings ensured that the India A team would contest the finals of the India No. 1 Challenger tro- phy. Just as Sachin Tendulkar`s belligerent batting had made it easy for his team, Manjrekar`s calm, composed and solid in- nings ensured that there is a place for the solid player in one-day cricket as well, so long as he can accelerate when the going demands it. Manjrekar did just that when his team needed some quick runs.

The other impressive performance was once again from Vikram Rathore who looked to have plenty of time to play his shots. He plays close to his body and, although he is a bit strong on the bottom hand, he does not get restricted in his scoring. Be- sides, he is a terrific runner between the wickets and has shown a fine awareness of the gamesmanship part of the game. He looks unflustered and that in international cricket is a big plus.

The two Bengal lads, Saurav Ganguly and Utpal Chatterjee, did not disappoint their followers. Ganguly not only batted well but also turned in a useful spell with the ball. He was rightly called back by the umpires when he was trying to go off after finishing his quota of overs. What the young man must realise is that it is such acts that will cost him dear for there will be queries about his commitment to the team if he is going to be off after finishing his allotted overs. It was good to see him return and finish the match. When he is trying for a comeback to the team, he must continue to show such enthusiasm.

Utpal Chatterjee, on the other hand, does not suffer from a lack of enthusiasm. In fact, if he could bowl more than his quota of overs he would gladly do so. His batting is robust and based on the old fashioned lower order batsmen`s method of using the bat to hit rather than block. It is only his fielding which is not his strong point but he more than makes up for it with his 100 per cent effort. Even if he does not make it to Sharjah, which may actually be a blessing in disguise, he should be very much in the short-list of players for the national team soon.

Salil Ankola once again bowled with great fire and, though he may have overstepped, it was only in the effort to bowl as quick- ly as possible. A fast bowler must go flat out in the early overs for that`s what he is supposed to do, and there will be the odd occasion when he will overstep so that should not be a bother at all. It is the wides that a fast bowler or any bowler has to worry about for accuracy is very important in the limited overs game. In contrast to Ankola`s hostility, Venkatesh Prasad and Vaidya have looked pretty tame and it would be a travesty of jus- tice if Ankola does not find a place in the India team.

Source :: IndiaWorld online

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Date-stamped : 03 Sep2000 - 10:22