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ARTICLE: Tendulkar making it one-sided (S.Gavaskar) - 21 Mar 1995

Tendulkar making it one-sided : S.M.Gavaskar

If there is anything that the India  No.1  Challenger  tournament
has  proved,  it  is  that for the event to be competitive Sachin
Tendulkar must not play for any team. He simply makes the match a
no  contest  with  his genius. We all know that he can bat like a
dream and he has a most powerful arm in the field but, even as  a
bowler,  he  ties  down the batsmen and reduces their footwork to

Take Tendulkar out and the whole tournament becomes a competitive
affair.  With him in the side it is hopelessly one-sided. Perhaps
this is being unfair to the other players in the India  team  but
just  look  at  the influence the little champion has had on both
matches the Seniors have played and one  will  perforce  have  to
agree that he and he alone makes the difference.

The hundred has eluded him so far and hopefully he is keeping  it
for  the  big  matches  in  Sharjah  in  a  couple of weeks time.
Perhaps, he should see how Brian Lara lofted the ball only  after
he  got  his century in the one dayer in Trinidad and thus minim-
ised the risks  of  getting  out  even  without sacrificing   his
stroke-making. Sure, nobody should complain if a player gets runs
in the quick time he does but then even if he is not  greedy  for
more  runs,  we  the  Indian cricket followers are for the simple
reason that the more he bats, the more we can enjoy his  batting.
Also, most records have come about when players are in their ear-
ly 20s than later when physically and mentally  it  becomes  that
much more difficult.

There were other impressive performances,  too.  Vikram  Rathore,
the  tall,  upright player from Punjab, impressed with the way he
moved into the strokes. He was up against Prabhakar and   Srinath
and  he  looked  comfortable against both. Even when the spinners
came on, his footwork was sure and the way he moved  back  to   a
short  ball  from Raju and dispatched it over midwicket for a six
indicated the time he had to play as well as  the  power  in  his

Utpal Chatterjee was the other India `A` player to catch the  eye
for he went to bat positively and, even when Tendulkar was savag-
ing everything, he did not wilt under the onslaught but kept  go-
ing and claimed not only Tendulkar but also Kambli later on. More
than actual performances, it is the attitude and  approach   that
should be considered by the selectors for a player can have a bad

If that is the criteria, then Saurav  Ganguly  and  Salil  Ankola
have done their chances no harm at all.

Salil Ankola has a point to prove to the selectors. Suddenly  and
inexplicably  he found himself out of the Indian side, inspite of
bowling well during the few opportunities  he  had.   Plus,   the
way  he was given out, off Tendulkar was upsetting, so he concen-
trated his fire on Tendulkar and  had  the  little  man  in  some
measure   of difficulty  with  his pace and bounce. It is hot out
here  in  Calcutta and fast bowlers should be brought  in  spells
of  five   overs  but   Ajay  Sharma gave him that one extra over
when he was tiring and Tendulkar swiftly had his comeback.

Sharma`s captaincy was baffling and he seemed to  have  lost  in-
terest  after  Tendulkar  went  on the rampage. He did not remove
himself from the slips or close-in position inspite of hardly   a
ball  going  past the edge off the India batsmen. Such lacklustre
leadership does tell on the performance of the others in the team
and  the  youngsters seemed to be at a loss at the lack of direc-
tion from the top. The India team in this tournament have no such
problem.  They  have  an assured captain and an even more assured

Source :: IndiaWorld online
 Contributed by cric8wala (

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