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Pakistan in breach of tobacco law

By Nelson Clare in Brisbane

4 January 1997

PAKISTAN batsmen ignored an Australian government order to remove tobacco sponsor's logos when they faced the West Indies in a day-night match here yesterday. The players took to the crease wielding bats with the slogans, even though they are breaching tobacco-advertising laws.

Pakistan team manager Yawar Saeed said the batsmen were awaiting orders from their board before removing the logos from their bats. ``I'm not the policy-maker so I'll have to wait until I get the new instructions,'' he said.

The Australian government have given Pakistan until Tuesday to remove the Wills Kings cigarette company slogan from their bats.

The Australian Cricket Board face a #32,000 fine unless Pakistan remove the advertising but Saeed said he did not know whether the Pakistan board would comply with the order. ``If we knew that we were violating advertising laws, we would not do it. We don't violate rules of our own country or any other country,'' he said.

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