Classification of major tournaments

CB awaiting `SBD`s` approval

31 January 1997


The Sri Lanka Cricket Board is awaiting the approval from the Sports Minister on its classification of the major tournaments.

According to its constitution the Executive Committee of the Cricket Board has to from time to time, lay down which tournaments are to be considered 'Major tournaments' for the purpose of nominating persons to hold any office in the Board.

This rule does not apply to the Hony. Treasurer or the Hony. Asst. Treasurer.

The Cricket Board ExCo recently classified division I (Segment 'A' and 'B'), division I (limited overs), division I (Segment 'A') under 24 and inter-district (major) as its 'Major' tournaments.

The Board has left it to the Sports Minister to decide on the specific period for taking part in these tournaments.

The period which is under consideration is one season. But there is a flaw here as this does not specify the number of matches an individual should play during the season.

One of the best course of action that could be followed is the one adopted by the national selectors for the national players. A player is required to play in at least 60 percent of the matches during a season in the major tournament to be considered for selection. The same condition could be applicable to those seeking office.

Such a ruling would also encourage past cricketers to come forward and seek election to office.

With nominations for the Cricket Board's 49th AGM closing on February 6, an early ruling by the Sports Minister would help the Cricket Board to implement this rule and categorise those who are eligible for election from those who cannot.

The AGM is scheduled for March 2.

Source: The Daily News

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