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Boddingtons West Manchester League Fixtures 1998
25th April
Division 1
Medlock         v       Partington
Moston          v       Broughton
MSJ Combined    v       M/c Post Office

Division 3
Azad            v       South Manchester

26th April
Division 2
Old Trafford    v       North District

Division 3
Shadoos A       v       Diamonds

2nd May
Division 1
Ashbourne SL    v       M/c Post Office
Broughton       v       Blackley
Crossford KH    v       Medlock
Moston          v       MSJ Combined
Partington      v       Shadoos

Division 2
Bar Chorlton Str v      Broughton A
Kashmir         v       Abdul's Kings

Division 3
Abduls Kings A  v       Harper Green
Diamonds        v       South Manchester
Hurricane Lions v       Townley
Shadoos A       v       Azad

3rd May
Division 2
Duffy Motors    v       De la Salle

9th May
Division 1
Crossford KH    v       Broughton
Medlock         v       Ashbourne SL
MSJ Combined    v       Partington
Shadoos         v       Blackley

Division 2
Abduls Kings    v       Old Trafford
Bar Chorlton Str v      Duffy Motors
Broughton A     v       De la Salle
North District  v       Kashmir

Division 3
Abduls Kings A  v       South Manchester
Azad            v       Hurricane Lions
Harper Green    v       Diamonds
Townley         v       Shadoos A

10th May
Division 1
Ashbourne SL    v       Moston
Broughton       v       Partington
M/c Post Office v       Shadoos
Medlock         v       Blackley
MSJ Combined    v       Crossford KH

Division 2
Duffy Motors    v       North District
Old Trafford    v       Bar Chorlton Str

16th May
Division 1
Ashbourne SL    v       Crossford KH
Broughton       v       MSJ Combined
Moston          v       Blackley
Partington      v       M/c Post Office
Shadoos         v       Medlock

Division 2
De la Salle     v       Kashmir
Duffy Motors    v       Abduls Kings
North District  v       Bar Chorlton Str
Old Trafford    v       Broughton A

Division 3
Diamonds        v       Azad
Huricane Lions  v       Abduls Kings A
South Manchester v      Shadoos A
Townley         v       Harper Green

23rd May
Challenge Cup - 1st Round
M/c Post Office v       Abduls Kings
Crossford KH    v       Medlock
North District  v       Broughton
De la Salle     v       Partington
Bar Chorlton Str v      MSJ Combined
South Manchester v      Broughton A
Harper Green    v       Kashmir
Shadoos         v       Old Trafford
Townley         v       Duffy Motors
Azad            v       Shadoos A
Hurricane Lions v       Ashbourne SL
Diamonds        v       Moston
Blackley        v       Abduls Kings A

24th May
Division 1
Ashbourne SL    v       Medlock
M/c Post Office v       Crossford KH

30th May
Division 1
Blackley        v       Partington
Crossford KH    v       Shadoos
M/c Post Office v       Broughton
Medlock         v       Moston
MSJ Combined    v       Ashbourne SL

Division 2
Abduls Kings    v       North District
Bar Chorlton Str v      De la Salle
Broughton A     v       Duffy Motors
Kashmir         v       Old Trafford

Division 3
Abduls Kings A  v       Diamonds
Azad            v       Townley
Harper Green    v       South Manchester
Shadoos A       v       Hurricane Lions

31st May
Bert Burns Memorial Trios
(Final Group - at Broughton C.C.)
Our thanks to Empire Publications Ltd for supplying this information.

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