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"Dis a lekker plek die, man (it's a nice place this, man)"
20 Mar 2000

Well we are on way home now. Well almost, just Sharjah to conquer and another 5 one-dayers against India and Pakistan. Winning that series will be the icing on top of a very big cake we baked ourselves at the beginning of the season. Nagpur turned out to be a good hunting ground for the final one-dayer in India. It sure was a good way to end the tour on a wining note especially with posting 320 and then defending it, after Tendulkar smashed it around early on during their chase. [More]

Post card from India - Steve Elworthy

"Prawns, steaks, and, as always, butter chicken'"
Steve Elworthy - 17 Mar 2000

So, Jamshedpur came and went. You may have heard about our plane ride. It was the equivalent of the old volksie beetle in car terms. An absolute nightmare. The 15 seater wup-wup was rusted to hell and I was wondering if we'd fall through the fuselage if we hit an air pocket. But, surprise surprise, it held together and we made it there and back in one piece. [More]

Post card from India - Neil McKenzie

"India is great for cricket"
Neil McKenzie - 13 Mar 2000

This, like a few of the boys, is my first trip with the SA side, let alone to the India continent. I'm still feeling my way through the goings on of touring internationally and everything at this stage is a learning experience for me. Getting to know some of the guys whom I've only really played against has been good and rooming with Crooksie has re-united an old Gauteng acquaintance. [More]

More Post Cards from India :

"The Mark and Jacques show"
Mark Boucher - 12 March 2000
"Thankful to be alive after traveling in a 1903, 16 seater antique plane"
Dale Benkenstein - 12 March 2000
"The captain dragged us to have a photo with Miss World"
Steve Elworthy - 10 March 2000
"We've achieved a little bit of history"
Craig `The Fizz' Smith - 8 March 2000
"I'll come back to India and open up a painting supplies business"
Nantie Hayward - 7 March 2000
"A team drink for career best"
Nicky Boje - 4 March 2000
"Reality hits home with just one bus drive"
Shaun Pollock - 4 March 2000
"Indians make us feel comfortable and happy"
Boeta Dippenaar - 3 March 2000
"Golf and contacts in the Silicon Valley"
Clive Eksteen - 2 March 2000
"Aim to come home with a series win"
Goolam Rajah - 1 March 2000
"Surgeons, tuk-tuk drivers and Zulu's woes"
Craig `The Fizz' Smith - 1 March 2000
"Even more motivated than before"
Hansie Cronje - 1 March 2000
"It's one-snap please and autograph hunter everywhere"
Pieter Strydom - 26th February 2000
"No more takkies, its only kappellangs here"
Lance Klusener - 26 February 2000
"Its still only pizzas and no love for curry"
Herschelle Gibbs - 23 February 2000