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India won by 56 runs
India 260 (50 ov)
West Indies 191 (36.2/44 ov)

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Pithy remarks and quotable quotes. Wordsworth takes the best statements of the week and packages them into one exciting feature. From quotes that help you delve further into the psyche of players to acerbic barbs from incensed cricketers to remarks that are just downright hilarious, we have them all. They may not quite be "from the mouths of babes and sucklings," but they are just as interesting.
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May 3rd week

Cricket has a way of producing inspiring tales of valour for the country, and this ranks at the very top. It is this fighting spirit which is so refreshing and bodes well for Indian cricket. - Sunil Gavaskar on Kumble's heroic decision to bowl with a fractured jaw.

While I was bowling, there was not much pain but at the end there was. I was beginning to cramp up maybe because of lack of nutrition, maybe the adrenaline was pumping in too much - I don't know. But I can go back this evening thinking I've given my best. - Anil Kumble, after bowling with a fractured jaw on the fourth day.

I like batting in the Caribbean because the fast bowlers are here. It's a big challenge for youngsters to score runs here and and I always like challenges. - Ajay Ratra after his maiden Test hundred.

It was always my dream to score a hundred in the West Indies. I'm really thrilled that I achieved it. - VVS Laxman after making his third Test hundred.

When you make decisions, whether they are right or wrong, you've got to stand by them. Carl Hooper on his decision to insert the Indians at Antigua.

He (Kalim) is my coach, my guide. He has always looked after me from my younger days. I think he should get all the credit for the way I'm batting. - Wasim Jaffer acknowledging the role his elder brother Kalim Jaffer played in his development.

One can understand mistakes made by the umpires in the centre because they have a fraction of a second to decide, but not when you have fifty television replays for something that was so obvious. - Sourav Ganguly on the mistakes made by the third umpires in the Test series.

He is cleared for selection - BCCI secretary Niranjan Shah conveying the news that Virender Sehwag had been deemed match-fit.

When Brian Lara is on fire there isn't a better sight in world cricket. - Viv Richards.

One of the things I have noticed is that he (Sachin Tendulkar) gets behind the ball so much all the time that he is a leg before candidate. - West Indies pace legend Andy Roberts.


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