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1.1 All Rules and Regulations for this Tournament, the Conditions of Play and the Applicable Laws of the Game, have been unanimously approved and recommended by the Tournament Committee, received ratification and authorization to implement by the Interim Committee of the BCCSL, at a meeting held on 27th September 2001 as per Rule 28(b) of the BCCSL constitution and adopted to apply for the Division I Tournaments, with effect from 28th September 2001.

1.2 However, the Tournament Committee shall receive and study proposals for any appropriate amendments to them. If acceptable, they shall then recommend such proposals to the Executive Committee of the BCCSL, for their approval and implementation, from the subsequent year.

1.3 The rules and regulations cannot be changed, after commencement of each year's Tournament.

1.4 The Tournai-nent Rules and Regulations - PART (A) and the Playing Conditions and Applicable Laws of the Game - Part (B), the BCCSL Code of Conduct and Regulations PART (C) and any other such that may come into effect for any reason, shall be applicable and receive the absolute compliance of all the participating Clubs, District Cricket Associations, Individual Players, Club/Association Officials and Umpires.

1.5 They shall undertake to comply fully with (1.4) above, at the time of the acceptance of the Tournament Committee's invitation to take part in this Tournament or (for Umpires) assignment to officiate at this Tournament.

1.6 The Tournament Committee shall have the sole power and authority to deal with and take appropriate decisions, in respect of any dispute(s) arising out of.

(a) Tournament Rules and Conditions and/or Playing Condition and Laws applicable, in conducting this Tournament, and/or
(b) Other rules, regulations and conditions that may come into effect and/or
(c) Any matter or eventuality for which no specific rule has been laid down nor provided for, under PARTS (A), (B) or (C).

1.7 In the event of a violation of these rules, the Tournament Committee shall have the power to recommend to the Ex. Co of the BCCSL, any one or more of the following punishments. However, the Ex. Co. of the BCCSL shall be the sole authority on the punishment to be imposed.

Ex Co may delegate authority to a sub committee appointed by the
Ex Co as the final authority on the punishment to be imposed.

(i) Fine of a minimum of Rs.2500/- to a maximum of Rs.30,000/-.

(ii) Deduction of points from a minimum of 5 to full points obtained in the match. If the Club/ DCA has gained no such points at the time it shall be set off if and when obtained by the Club/ DCA.

(iii)Suspended, "suspension" of the defaulting team for a particular period for that particular tournament. However, any further violations whilst this suspension is on the Ex. Co shall impose any punishment/ punishments mentioned in this section.

(iv) Imposing of any punishments mentioned in paragraphs i, ii, iii and suspending it till the particular Tournament is over. It will take immediate effect if that club violates any of the rules during this suspended period. In addition any further punishments could be imposed after inquiry for the 2 d offence.

(v) Suspension of a team for a period not exceeding Two Seasons and suspension of a player for period not exceeding one (1) season.

(vi) Wherever, the word immediate suspension/ suspension has been used in these rules in part A or B, it shall not have any effect and suspension shall be by the Ex. Co. for any violation as mentioned in 1.7.

1.8 "Any action thus arrived at under (1.7) by the Ex. Co of the BCCSL shall be final and binding on all the participants of the Tournament including the Officials of the Clubs participating in this Tournament."

1.9 In cases where points are deducted as per paragraphs 5.11, 10.2 and 10.3 the Tournament Committee will have the authority to impose such penalties as specified.

1.10 In the event a match referee is appointed by the BCCSL for a match or matches, relevant rules applicable inclusive of powers of punishments will be informed to the respective clubs prior to the commencement of the match. Thereafter, the clubs are bound to abide by such rules, instructions and guidelines.

1.11 Wherever, the term Executive Committee or Ex Co has been used it applies to the Executive Committee of the BCCSL, as per the constitution or to an Interim Committee or to a Special Committee appointed by the Minister of Sports to run the administration of the BCCSL in place of the Executive Committee of the BCCSL.

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