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Registration of Players

5.1 All clubs that are eligible under Clause (3.1, 3.2) above shall be permitted to register, players who are qualified/ eligible only, as per Clause 4 above.

5.2 Number of players that could be registered by a Club is unlimited.

5.3 The Registration of Players, shall be completed with the Tournament Committee as per(5.7) and (5.8) here below and receive their acceptance not later than 03 days before the scheduled start of this Tournament

5.4 Registration of any qualified player(s) after the stipulated time period in (5.3) termed as Late Registrations", shall be permitted, only in the case of either,

(a) The member concerned has been overseas at the time of registration.
(b) or the player concerned has joined the club as a new member.
(c) or due to a very much valid reason acceptable to the Tournament Committee.

5.5 Late Registrations shall be valid only if,

(a) Supporting documentary evidence of (5.4) above and made available along with the relevant registration documents, and

(b) Registration of the Player concerned, is completed with the Tournament Committee as per (5.7) & (5.8) here below, and

(c) Receive the acceptance of this late registration by the Tournament Committee, not later than Three (03) days before the scheduled start of match in which the player concerned, is expected to play.

5.6 For any registration to be accepted and valid, it is mandatory that the Club concerned provide all the following details in full with respect to each and every player to be registered.

(a) Full name (First Name and Surname are essential)

(b) Date of Birth.

(c) Place of Birth.

(d) NIC/ Passport No. If not available only then, the Postal ID No. If such too is not available certified documentary evidence acceptable to the Tournament Committee of his age.

(e) Personal Signature by the individual player himself.

5.7 The registration of all their players for this Tournament shall be made by the respective Clubs in duplicate on Registration Forms provided by BCCSL.

(a) Providing all details specified in (5.6) above.

(b) Certified by (i) Cricket Captain for this Tournament (Name & Signature).
or (ii) The Cricket Secretary of the Club. (Name & Signature).
5.8 Registrations duly completed as per (5.7) above should then either be,

(a) Handed over to the Administrative officer of the BCCSL or his nominee, with a photocopy and obtaining then and there itself, one copy of this registration acknowledging safe receipt of their registration (One copy of this registration, shall then be returned on acceptance of their registration by post to the Cricket Secretary of the respective club to the address given to the Tournament Committee)

(b) Forwarded by registered post, to the Secretary of the Tournament Committee, taking the responsibility to ensure its safe receipt by the Secretary of the Tournament Committee and adequacy of time by him in meeting (5.3) above. One copy of this registration shall then be returned on acceptance of their registration by post to the Cricket Secretary of the respective club to the address given to the Tournament Committee.

5.9 Registration duly completed should reach the BCCSL as per 5.8 on or before 04.00 pm on Monday prior to the commencement of the tournament/match.

5.10 A club should be in possession of the copy accepted and returned by the Tournament Committee as a proof of registration of player/s. Failure to show proof at an inquiry may result in the club being penalized for violating tournament rulers on registration.

5.11. Failure to obtain proper approval for registration of players/player by a club prior to commencement of a match will be subjected to an inquiry. Based on its outcome the Tournament Committee will recommend to the Executive Committee, forfeitures of points up to 12 points per match and immediate suspension of player/s for a period one match up to one season. . The Tournament Committee has powers to forfeit 4 up to points per match for any violation of this rule.

5.12. The Tournament Committee shall have the complete power, either

(a) To refuse and reject any registrations forwarded or

(b) To withdraw and cancel any registration already approved, with respect to any player, at any time, for any reason(s) found valid and acceptable to them.

(c) To take any appropriate action in consultation with the Executive Committee of the BCCSL on either situation above.

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