The most sensational moments for Harbhajan Singh came in the second Test against Australia at Kolkata. When Harbhajan scalped the first ever hat-trick by an Indian in Test cricket the excitement was too much to contain at the Eden Gardens. Have a look at the ball by ball commentary:

71.2 Harbhajan Singh to Ponting, OUT: goes back and tries to flick, misses it completely and gets the ball on the pads, huge appeal,very easy one as it was pretty plumb in front

71.3 Harbhajan Singh to Gilchrist, OUT: on target, tries to defend that one and misses and gets on , the pads, huge appeal, Bansal obliges and this was not as plumb as the previous one

71.4 Harbhajan Singh to Warne, OUT: on his pads, tries to flick and Ramesh at forward short leg who takes a sharp catch to his right and Harbhajan gets the hat-trick

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Date-stamped : 23 Apr2001 - 10:34