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Twenty20 Cup regulations


Each team will play five zonal matches with either two or three of these being home matches. Matches are to be played between 13th and 24th June. The zonal groups are as follows:

North Mid/Wales/West South
Durham Northamptonshire Essex
Lancashire Warwickshire Middlesex
Yorkshire Worcestershire Surrey
Derbyshire Glamorgan Kent
Nottinghamshire Gloucestershire Hampshire
Leicestershire Somerset Sussex

The top teams from each group and the best second-placed team (usual criteria apply) will progress to finals day on Saturday 19 July. Both semi-finals and the final will be played on that day. Zonal matches have no reserve days, finals day has one reserve day.

Playing Conditions

One innings per side, each innings limited to a maximum of 20 overs

Scheduled Hours of Play

Match First Innings Interval Second Innings
Zonal Matches 5.30-6.45pm 6.45-7.00pm 7.00-8.15pm

Finals Day: The details are yet to be determined, though it is anticipated that there will be a longer break between the second semi-final and the final, in order for teams to rest, and for the final to be floodlit. The venue for finals day is to be confirmed.

The interval will normally be of 15 minutes duration. In reduced overs matches, the interval will be cut to 10 minutes.

Re-arrangement of Overs
Teams have one hour 15 minutes to bowl 20 overs. In the first innings, the calculation of the number of overs to be bowled shall be based on one over for every full 3.75 minutes in the total time available for play up to the scheduled close of play. In the second innings of the match, overs shall be reduced at a rate of one over for every full 3.75 minutes lost, unless the first innings finished early / second innings started early in which case no overs are lost until the time that has been gained is subsequently lost.

Timed Out
The incoming batsman must be in position to take guard or for his partner to be ready to receive the next ball (or for his partner to receive the next ball) within one minute 30 seconds of the fall of the previous wicket.

White Kookaburra balls are to be used.

The Result
Each side must have faced (or had the opportunity to face) five overs in order to constitute a match. The Duckworth Lewis Method shall be used in interrupted matches.

Restrictions on the Placement of Fieldsmen
Fielding restrictions apply for the first six overs of each innings.

Number of Overs per Bowler
Each bowler may bowl a maximum of four overs. In a delayed or interrupted match, no bowler may bowl more than one fifth of the total overs allowed unless such a number has been exceeded before the interruption.

Free Hit after a Foot Fault No Ball
This will apply.

Short Pitched Bowling
As in other one-day competitions, one short-pitched ball is allowed per over.

Over-Rate Penalties
The six-run penalty for each over not bowled will apply - all sides are expected to be in position to bowl the first ball of the last of their 20 overs within one hour 15 minutes playing time. In reduced over matches, the fielding side has one over's leeway in addition to any time that the Umpires may allow for stoppages.

Umpires are instructed to apply a strict interpretation of time-wasting by the batsman (five-run penalties). Specifically, batsmen are expected to be ready for the start of a new over as soon as the bowler is ready.


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