2005 Cathay Pacific / Standard Chartered Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes
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Event Executive Committee
  • Hong Kong Cricket Association : Terry Smith
  • Hong Kong Cricket Association : Clive Howard
  • Hong Kong Cricket Association : Mike Walsh
  • Hong Kong Cricket Association : Martin Sabine
  • Hong Kong Cricket Association : John Cribbin
  • Hong Kong Cricket Association : Danny Lai
  • Hong Kong Cricket Association : Glyn Davies
  • Hong Kong Cricket Association : Dinesh Tandon
  • Solicitor, China Cricket International: Colin Cohen
  • Cathay Pacific Airways: Charlie Stewart-Cox
  • Cathay Pacific Airways: James Barrington
  • Standard Chartered Bank: Tony Souza
  • Standard Chartered Bank: Peter Hodges
  • Standard Chartered Bank: Nicola Apostolis
  • World Sport Group: Adrian Ashman
Event Operations Committee
  • Tournament Director: Glyn Davies
  • Assistant Tournament Director: Mark Burns
  • Event Director: Brad Tarr
  • Captain of Cricket, Kowloon Cricket Club: Burji Shroff
  • General Manager, Kowloon Cricket Club: Robert Blythe
  • Kowloon Cricket Club Ground Committee: Julie Atkinson
  • World Sport Group: Adrian Ashman
  • Website Design & Maintenance & Statistics: Travis Pittman
2005 Hong Kong international Cricket Sixes

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