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World Cup in England Jun 1975 - Summary and Short Scores

In 1975, cricket's first  one-day  World  Cup  was  held  in
England.  Sponsored by Prudential Assurance, the eight sides
to participate were the six Test-playing nations,  plus  Sri
Lanka  (not  then  a test side) and East Africa. East Africa
were  outclassed,  but  Sri  Lanka  put  up  a  brave  show,
especially  against Australia. The teams were split into two
preliminary groups of four; the top two teams in each  group
progressed to the semi-final stage. Each innings was limited
to a maximum of 60 overs (this remained the limitation until
the competition moved from England in 1987).
      Hosts England reached the semi-finals, where they were
beaten  in  an  extraordinary  match  by Australia, for whom
left-arm fast bowler Gilmour took 6 for 14 as  England  were
bundled  out for a paltry 93. However, in helpful conditions
for the bowlers, Australia slumped to 39 for 6, and  England
seemed  set  for  an  astonishing win until that man Gilmour
combined with Walters in a partnership which took  Australia
to  victory  without  lossing  another  wicket.  West Indies
easily defeated New Zealand in the other semi-final.
      Naturally enough, the famous  Lord's  ground  was  the
venue  for  the  first World Cup final. West Indies, batting
first, lost  their  first  wicket  in   typically  Caribbean
style:  opener  Fredericks hooked the menacing, moustachioed
Australian fast bowler Lillee out of  the  ground,  only  to
find  out  he  had  trodden  on his wicket while playing the
shot. Favourites West  Indies  lost  three  wickets  for  50
before  former  captain  Rohan  Kanhai  joined his successor
Clive Lloyd in a stand of 149, which did much to  lift  West
Indies  to their eventual 60-overs total of 291 for 8. Lloyd
reached his hard-hit hundred from only 82 balls.
      Australia's reply was  undone  by  brilliant  fielding
from  the  West Indians, in particular from the young Vivian
Richards. No fewer than five of  the  Australians  were  run
out,  three  of them by Richards. Despite a typically gritty
62 from skipper Ian Chappell, Australia looked to be sliding
to  defeat  when  last  man  Lillee  joined his fast-bowling
partner Thomson at the crease at  233  for  9.  By  dint  of
sensible  batting,  however, the tenth wicket pair added 41,
and had West Indies worried before the final run-out settled
matters.  Just  before  the  end  there was a moment of high
farce, as Thomson hit a catch to Fredericks  of  a  no-ball.
The  fielder, realising that the batsman could not be out of
a no-ball, threw the ball  at  the  stumps  as  the  batsmen
scrambled  a  single.  He  missed,  and  watched as the ball
disappeared into spectators, who had rushed onto the  field,
believing  the  match was over when the catch was taken, the
no-ball call having gone unnoticed. Lillee and  Thomson  ran
like  hares, perhaps hoping to win the match in one hit with
the ball lost, but the umpires eventually stopped  them  and
awarded  two  runs  while  the  ground  was cleared. Shortly
afterwards, the final run  out  ended  the  fun,  with  West
Indies the winners by a narrow margin of 17 runs.
(Source: Wisden Cricket Monthly, February 1992)
Thanks to Bhanu Kapoor ( on r.s.c.

Summary of 1975 World Cup in England
Group A-->Eng: Mike Denness; NZ: Glenn Turner; Ind: S.Venkat
         EA: Harilal Shah
Group B-->Aust: Ian Chappell; WI: Clive Lloyd
          Pak:Asif Iqbal/ Majid Khan; SL: A.P.B.Tennekoon

1. ENGLAND v INDIA, at Lord's (London)-->7th June
Eng. won toss
Eng won by 202 runs
MOM: Dennis Amiss
Eng 4/334(60)-->D.L.Amiss 137, K.W.R.Fletcher 68, M.H.Denness 37*, 
                C.M.Old 51*(30)
Ind 3/132(60)-->S.M.Gavaskar 36*, G.R.Vishwanath 37

2. NEW ZEALAND v EAST AFRICA, at Edgebaston (Birmingham)-->7th June
NZ won the toss
NZ won by 181 runs
MOM: Glenn Turner
NZ 5/309(60)-->G.M.Turner 171*, J.M.Parkar 66
EA 8/128(60)-->Frasat Ali 45, Zulfiqar Ali 30, D.R.Hadlee 3/21
                 H.J.Howarth 3/29
  --->Turner's 171* was the 1st 150+ score in all ODIs and is
  the 3rd highest score in WC (4th in all ODIs)
  --->This is NZ's highest total ever.
  --->this is the 2nd largest margin of victory for NZ

3. AUSTRALIA v PAKISTAN, at Headingley (Leeds)-->7th June
Aust won toss
Aust won by 73 runs
MOM: Dennis Lillee
Aust 7/278(60)-->A.Turner 46, G.S.Chappell 45, R.Edwards 80*
Pak 205(53)-->Majid Khan 65, Asif Iqbal 53, Wasim Raja 31,
        D.K.Lillee 5/34 was the 1st 5 wkt haul by any bowler in ODIs.

4. WEST INDIES v SRI LANKA, at Old Trafford (Manchester)-->7th June
WI won the toss
WI won by 9 wkts.
MOM: Julien
SL 86 (37.2)-->B.D.Julien 4/20
WI 1/87(20.4)-->R.C.Fredricks 33, D.L.Murray 30*
-->only 3 SL batsmen reached double figures:M.H.Tissera 14,
    A.R.M.Opatha 11, D.S.DeSilva 21.
-->SL was 4/21, 8/48, 9/58.
-->The lone WI wkt fell at 52, taken by D.S.DeSilva.

5. ENGLAND v NEW ZEALAND, at Trent Bridge (Nottingham)-->11th June
NZ won toss
Eng won by 80 runs
MOM: Kieth Fletcher
Eng 6/266(60)-->K.W.R.Fletcher 131, F.C.Hayes 34, M.H.Denness 37
NZ 186(60)-->J.F.Morrison 55, A.W.Greig 4/45
-->Eng entered the semis with this win

6. INDIA v EAST AFRICA, at Headingley (Leeds)-->11th June
EA won toss
Ind won by 10 wkts.
MOM:Farrokh Engineer
EA 120(53.3)-->Jawahir Shah 37, B.S.Bedi 12-8-6-1
Ind 0/123(29.5)-->S.M.Gavaskar 65*, F.M.Engineer 54*
-->EA at one stage was 5/56.

7. AUSTRALIA v SRI LANKA, at Kennington Oval (London)-->11th June
SL won the toss
Aust won by 52 runs
MOM: Allan Turner
Aust 5/328(60)-->R.B.McCosker 73, A.Yurner 101, G.S.Chappell 50, 
                 K.D.Walters 59
SL 4/276(60)-->S.R.deWettimuny rtd ht 53, B.Warnapura 31,
        L.R.D.Mendis rtd ht 32, A.P.B.Tennekoon 48, M.H.Tissera 52
--->McCoscer and Turner put on 182 for 1st wkt-->WC record

8. WEST INDIES v PAKISTAN, at Edgbaston (Birmingham)-->11 th June
Pak won toss
WI won by 1 wkt
MOM:Sarfraz Nawaz
Pak 7/266(60)-->Majid Khan 60, Zaheer Abbas 31, Mushtaq Mohd. 55,
                Wasim Raja 58
WI 9/267(59.3)-->C.H.Lloyd 53, D.L.Murray 61*, A.M.E.Roberts 24*,
                Nawaz 4/44
-->Murray and Roberts added 64 runs for the 10th wkt.
--->WI were 3/36, 5/99, 8/166, and 9/203

9.ENGLAND v EAST AFRICA, at Edgebaston (Birmingham)-->14th June
EA won toss
Eng won by 196 runs
MOM: John Snow
Eng 5/290(60)-->B.Wood 77, D.L.Amiss 88, F.C.Hayes 52
EA 94(52.3)-->Ramesh Sethi 30, Mehmood Quaraishy 19
(only batsmen to reach two figures)
               J.A.Snow 4/11
-->Wood and Amiss put 158 for 1st wkt.
-->Eng finished 3-0, and EA 0-3

10.NEW ZEALAND v INDIA, at Old Trafford (Manchester)-->15th June
Ind won toss
NZ won by 4 wkts
MOM: Glenn Turner
Ind 230 (60)-->A.D.Gaekwad 37, S.Abid Ali 70, McKechnie 3/49
NZ 6/233(58.5)-->G.M.Turner 114*, B.F.Hastings 34

11. AUSTRALIA v WEST INDIES, at Kennington Oval (London)-->14th June
WI won toss
WI won by 7 wkts.
MOM:Alvin Kallicharan
Aust 192(53.4)-->R.Edwards 58, R.W.Marsh 52*, A.M.E.Roberts 3/39
WI 3/195(46)-->R.C.Fredricks 58, A.I.Kallicharan 78
-->Aust recovered from 5/61 to 6/160

12.PAKISTAN v SRI LANKA, at Trent Bridge (Nottingham)-->June 14th
SL won toss
Pak won by 192 runs
MOM: Zaheer Abbas
Pak 6/330(60)-->Sadiq Mohd. 74, Majid Khan 84, Z.Abbas 97,
                B.Warnapura 3/42
SL 138(50.1)-->A.P.B.Tennekoon 30, Imran Khan 3/15

   ENGLAND v AUSTRALIA, at Headingley (Leeds)-->June 18th
   Aust won toss
   Aust won by 4 wkts.
   MOM: Gary Gilmour
   Eng 93(36.2)-->only Denness and G.G.Arnold reached double figures, 
                  Gilmour 6/14, Walker 3/22
   Aust 6/94(28.4)-->K.D.Walters 20*, G.J.Gilmour 28*, Old 3/29
   -->Eng "recovered" from 7/37 and 8/52.
   -->Aust "recovered" from 6/39
   -->"Gilmour's Match"

14. Semi-final:
    WEST INDIES v NEW ZEALAND, at The Ova (London)-->18th June
    WI won toss
    WI won by 5 wkts.
    MOM: Alvin Kallicharan
    NZ 158(52.2)-->G.M.Turner 36, G.PHowarth 51, Julien 4/27,
                        Holder 3/30
    WI 5/159(40.1)-->C.G.Greenidge 55, A.I.Kallicharan 72, Collinge 3/28

15. FINAL:
    AUSTRALIA v WEST INDIES, at Lord's (London)-->21st June
    Aust won toss
    WI won by 17 runs

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