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Interview with Bob Woolmer
Bob Woolmer presents the path leading to the winning cycle of a team
  • His First Thoughts on Coaching: When was the first time a coach made a big influence on Bob Woolmer. What point of life did coaching interest him. [ Audio 1 | Slide 1 | Audio 2 | Slide 2] ]
  • Right Time For Coaching: What's the right age for a youngster to take up serious coaching. Listen from the horses's mouth on what works the best for a youngster. [ Audio | Slide ]
  • First Exposure of Coaching: Woolmer talks about his first exposure to coaching while playing for Kent and how times and along with it the techiniques of coaching have changed over the years. Who are the players in Kent who considers as his mentors in the process of becoming a coach. [ Audio 1 | Slide 1 | Audio 2 | Slide 2 ]
  • On Coaching Different Coutries: Does it really matter to a coach coaching diffrent coutries , different people with different attitudes. Get to know what was Bob Woolmer's experience on moving to South Africa from England. [ Audio | Slide]
  • Role of a coach: What according to Bob Woolmer forms the essential role of a coach in modern day cricket. [ Audio | Slide ]
  • On Encouraging unorthodoxy: Where this idea come from. How did Bob Woolmer develop a positive approach towards unorthodoxy. What are the special efforts required to make this approach work. [ Audio 1 | Slide 1 | Audio 2 | Slide 2 ]
  • On being called as the Computer Coach: How does he use various software aids to enhance team performance.Listen to Bob Woolmer on this and on the creation of the "wagon wheel". [ Audio | Slide ]
  • On Coaching various aspects: What comes easy to Bob Woolmer as a coach, batting,bowling or wicket keeping. How easy or difficult he finds coaching different aspects of the game. [ Audio | Slide ]
  • On being known as an innovator: What is Woolmer's bible for Coaching. Did any of his innovations go wrong.How much did his own experience contribute to this especially in the ares of fielding where several innovations took place under him in the South african team.What does he have to say about the contreversial "ear pieces". Listen to Bob Woolmer about his various experiments [ Audio 1 | Slide 1 | Audio 2 | Slide 2 | Audio 3 | Slide 3 ]
  • On Coaching as a job: How interesting is a coach's life. Does Woolmer get bored at times with the repetitions that is involved in the process of coaching a side. How does he make it interesting. [ Audio | Slide ]
  • On players: How does he cope with various players of different types,the players who have given him the best satisfaction as a coach. How does he approach the mistakes in each player. [ Audio 1 | Slide 1 | Audio 2 | Slide 2 ]
  • Coaching & Captaincy: Does Woolmer see any conflict in the roles of the coach & the captain. How does he see the responsibilites of the two. [ Audio | Slide ]
  • On Challenges: Bob Woolmer has his views on how cricket coaches should be valued, the challenges that lie ahead. Personally what are his ambitions after 5 years of international coaching. [ Audio 1 | Slide 1 | Audio 2 | Slide 2 ]

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