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The pads worn are generally the ones with the top flaps shortened and held by only two straps. Care should be taken to see that the knee roll is sufficiently padded to prevent injury while gathering low balls rolling on the ground. The pads should preferably be light with extra foam padding at the shin, as this is the place the ball strikes most often if it is missed.

An abdomen guard must be worn inside the pouch of the supporter (jock straps) at all times and its position must be checked and adjusted if necessary before every ball.

On bouncy turning pitches, when you have to keep up to the spinners, it is advisable to wear a helmet with a visor to increase your confidence in getting behind the line of the ball to gather it. At all others times a cap or hat is a must to keep away the sun and help concentrate on the action.

A good pair of shoes is also very essential. Generally good rubber spiked shoes will suffice quite nicely, though if the conditions are damp and slippery, it is recommended to use half spike shoes. The metal spikes in front will give you the grip to move or dive when standing back to fast bowlers.

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