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Taking Wide Deliveries

When the ball is bowled wide of either stump, start moving early by taking a couple of step sideways.

If the ball is within reach, it can be gathered as usual, but if it still wide, the body must turn and take a stride in front to reach the ball.

At all times, try to be down as this helps to catch the ball, even if it is dipping or going to bounce in front of you. Taking the shooters

When the ball is shooting along the ground or bouncing a couple of times before it reaches you, bring both the pads together in line with the ball, the knees slightly bent and the head steady and watching the ball all the time.

The gloves are ready near the ankles and the knees are kept together to block any gap between the pads. If the ball shoots under the glove or bounces over, it should hit the pads and roll in front.

Be alert to go after the ball if you have not gathered it cleanly. You can also stop the ball like the fielder does, by bringing down one knee on the ground next to the other foot, thus creating a barrier to the ball.

Remember that whatever style you use, you must be comfortable doing it and a lot of practice must go into it. Keeping the eyes on the ball is of paramount importance and avoid the tendency to take the eyes away when the ball pitches in front of you.

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