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October 12, 2008
India v Australia - Day 4
Zaheer Khan
1st Test
110.5 Johnson to Khan, 2 runs, that's it, Zak gets to a fifty, angling into the pads, and turned away towards backward square leg. What a reception, the whole dressing room stands up and applaud, Kumble gives him a hug. What rescue job, only his second Test half-century, his highest score, 75, against Bangladesh.

12.2 Khan to Hayden, OUT, aleg before! Zaheer gets his sixth wicket of this Test with a lovely late-swinging full delivery that catches Hayden in his crease, attempting to work the ball from across his pads, bat is late to come down and the late drift in from Zaheer seals his fate for 13 .. no doubts about that one.

22.2 Sharma to Ponting, OUT, got him! sharp catch at short midwicket. Ponting walks into the trap. Angled in to the pads, on a little fuller than good length, instinctive shot towards midwicket, but Laxman is sharp there, catches it low in front of him. he nods to Ponting, acknowledging it was a clean catch, and off he goes.

47.5 Sharma to Clarke,OUT, slow death again, 111ks, wide outside off, full, drivable length, and Clarke is early and plays away from his body, straight to Sehwag at short cover. Deja vu, White and Haddin must be thinking.

50.5 Harbhajan Singh to Hussey, OUT, Timber! How do you play this? Pitched on a length, just outside off, Hussey lets it ago, only to see it spin in and disturb the stumps. It was a toppie that hit a crack and turned in. A real beauty for the bowler, watching the batsman shoulder arms and lose the furniture.
Zaheer Khan Zaheer Khan helped India get to a respectable score

Zaheer Khan helped India get to a respectable score of 360 and bridge the first innings deficit to 70 after they were 155 for 5 at one stage on the third day. He is one of the main contenders for the man-of-the-match award after a 5-wicket haul and an unbeaten 57 in the first innings. Zaheer played in a more restrained fashion that on Saturday and justified his promotion ahead of Kumble, who gave him an appreciative hug when his fifty came up with a clip behind square leg for two off Johnson. Zaheer continued his good bowling form, capturing Matthew Hayden early for the second time in the match.
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