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October 31, 2008
India v Australia - Day 3
3rd Test
34.1 Mishra to Katich, OUT, bowled em! There's the breakthrough, Katich undone by Mishra's flight, that was tossed up into the rough, luring him into another flick from outside off stump, except he misses and the ball sneaks back through the gap to disturb the furniture, middle stump knocked off its place

37.2 Sharma to Hayden, FOUR, top shot, a classy drive through the covers, reaches out and hits the wide one with power and thats his first half-century of the series, a determined innings

57.2 Sehwag to Hayden, OUT, and Sehwag gets his revenge very next ball! He's looked the most dangerous today and he hits Hayden just above the knee roll in front of the stumps, turning the ball back in as the batsman shuffles across to try and turn it fine, Sehwag belts out the appeal and on the third one Bowden raises his crooked finger

85.4 Sehwag to Ponting, OUT, bowled him, and what turn! Sehwag strikes, luring Ponting forward on the drive, shaping to work it to the on side, the ball turns in and beats everything, he came out of his crease and swung wildly and has to pay the price for an indifferent choice of stroke

101.6 Sehwag to Hussey, OUT, another one falls to Sehwag! Sehwag tweaks his fingers on that one, getting it to flight, pitch on middle and off and turn sharply past the bat to knock back off stump
Matthew Hayden Hayden knock spearheads Australian response

Matthew Hayden struck form for the first time in the series, making a determined 83, to help Australia respond well to India’s imposing score of 613. In the four innings prior to this one, Hayden had scored just 42 runs at an average of 10.50. But he looked far more convincing today, mixing caution with aggression, and featuring in two important partnerships. He added 123 for the first wicket with Simon Katich and a further 79 with
Ricky Ponting, on a day where the Indians would have felt a touch disappointed, having bagged four Australian wickets, fewer than they would have initially settled for, and allowing Australia to reach 338, just 76 shy of avoiding the follow-on.
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