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November 2, 2008
India v Australia - Day 5
VVS Laxman
3rd Test
36.5 Johnson to Gambhir, OUT,The finger is up. Johnson the birthday boy has struck. Full, fast, shaping in and Gambhir falls over a touch as he looks to turn it to the leg side. He was struck on the leg stump line and it would have missed leg. Hawk eye too confirms that but that's that.

38.1 Johnson to Laxman, FOUR, , angling away from Laxman who opens his bat face to guide it past the slips. Ala Kris Srikkanth.

52.1 Watson to Tendulkar, FOUR, drifts down leg and Tendulkar tickles it to fine-leg boundary

58.5 Watson to Ganguly, FOUR, short and outside off and Ganguly flashes it to point boundary.

67.3 Clarke to Laxman, FOUR, Moves to his fifty with a cover boundary. Full toss outside off stump and put away without any fuss. he then rolls his right arm in a bowling motion. He did that with his left hand in the first innings.
VVS Laxman Laxman stars in tame draw

VVS Laxman was the star for India yet again as he guided his team to a draw after India's top-order wobbled in the second innings. With the loss of Rahul Dravid for 11 and Gautam Gambhir, with the score on 93, the possibility of a miraculous Australian win could not have been ruled out completely. On a track that was taking some spin, as Sachin Tendulkar's wicket proved, Laxman was immovable, solid in defense and not hesitant to play attacking strokes when the opportunity presented itself. He remained unbeaten on 59, and was involved in important partnerships: He added 52 for the fifth wicket with Sachin Tendulkar and a further 63 with Sourav Ganguly to ensure that the game ended in a draw and India retained their 1-0 lead.
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