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Commonwealth Bank Series, 10th ODI: Australia v India at Sydney, Feb 24, 2008

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2.3 Sreesanth to Gilchrist, OUT, what a ripper of a delivery and a good catch - nips it hard back in fro moutside off on a shortish length, Gilchrist jumps into the line and pushes through a nick off an inside edge, Dhoni dives far to his right and takes the ball one-handed

3.2 I Sharma to Hayden, SIX, short ball on middle and off, moving away, Hayden simply shoulders the ball all the way over midwicket, and that's rocketed flat

8.1 Pathan to Ponting, SIX, short on off and that's a majestic shot from Ponting who lifts it off the back foot, swivelling round and smashing over square many rows back

20.3 Sehwag to Ponting, OUT, a bad mix-up there and Hayden's on his way after Ponting drove out to the covers, just wide of the fielder who picks up, turns, sets himself and throws back to Sehwag and Hayden's well out of his crease trying to scramble back

31.5 Sehwag to Clarke, OUT, down leg and Clarke goes for the pull, connects hard but picks out Rohit Sharma who sticks out his hands to his right and takes a firm catch

41.6 Pathan to Ponting, 1 run, driven forward to mid-off for his century, his second ODI ton at the SCG and his 26th overall, that coming up off 111 balls Ponting punches the air with joy and huge relief. About 30,000 cheerleaders heave and sigh with Australia's captain

47.2 I Sharma to Symonds, OUT, the slower ball pays dividends as Ishant cleans up Symonds with one which pitches on off and turns back in to take middle and off, Symonds moving back to leave the stumps exposed

48.1 Sreesanth to Ponting, OUT, the change pays dividends as one comes in at 140kph, Ponting lashes out an aerial drive to long-off, and the leading edge is taken well by Irfan

2.6 Lee to Sehwag, FOUR, and four more, he's on a roll here, down the leg side again, flicked away effortlessly for four more, the faster they come, the faster they go off the bat, Lee is quick but Sehwag is quicker

7.5 Bracken to Gambhir, FOUR, down the track and, oh, that could have easily deflected back onto the stumps, races towards fine leg and Gilchrist runs after it because there's nobody else there, he dives full length towards the end, football style, but can't stop that one

14.5 Lee to Dhoni, FOUR, down leg, typical Dhoni, he's on to it in a flash with a flick of the wrists through fine

19.2 Hogg to Gambhir, FOUR, well played, rocked from outside off and swivelled through in front of midwicket, the ball just a touch too short

21.2 Hogg to Gambhir, 3 runs, outside-edged down to third man and Gambhir raises his bat for a finely crafted half-century, a resilient knock so far, from 64 balls with five fours at a strike rate of 78.13

27.2 Hogg to Gambhir, FOUR, on off, a full toss which Dhoni swats out to the rope and hits a spectator on the bounce. Ouch

29.4 Clark to Gambhir, FOUR, outside off, and powered hard off the front foot, Gambhir advancing down and lacing the ball over long-off, quality shot

32.2 Lee to Uthappa, (no ball) SIX, short ball and that;s boomed hugely over long-off for a big six. A straight drive off the horizontal bat - like a straight pull

37.2 Hogg to Gambhir, SIX, that's a better pitch but Gambhir worries not, going down on one knee and helping that long and hard over mid-on, the fielders becoming spectators, the spectators fielders

37.5 Hogg to Uthappa, FOUR, the wrong' un outside off, spun away from him and that's a thumpingly lovely forward force through the covers, past the diving Clarke

40.3 Bracken to Pathan, FOUR, down the track now and Irfan sends that booming over extra cover for a full-blooded four and he deserved every run

45.5 Clark to Harbhajan Singh, FOUR, formidable shot, with plenty of power, Harbhajan steps out of his crease and flat-bats it hard straight to the boundary

46.2 Bracken to Uthappa, FOUR, hey now, down the track and that is very cheeksville indeed, Uthappa turning it from outside off, round the corner and picking the gap well

46.3 Bracken to Uthappa, 1 run, slower one outside off and Uthappa caresses the ball out to the covers to bring up his fifty and the crowd loves it but Uthappa hardly takes the applause for his 43-ball effort, choosing instead to stay focussed

47.5 Lee to Uthappa, OUT, down the track and Uthappa swipes from outside off up and over to midwicket where Hussey takes the catch - two in two balls, Lee is on a roll here

49.1 Lee to I Sharma, OUT, the yorker zeros in on off, Sharma's too late on it and watches his stumps castle. Terrific bowling from Lee, those no-balls apart ahem, and he ends with five
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