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Commonwealth Bank Series 2007-08, 6th ODI: Australia v Sri Lanka at Perth, Feb 15, 2008

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1.1 Malinga to Gilchrist, FOUR, too wide outside off, no footwork there as Gilchrist drives hard through the covers - that was pure timing

3.6 Malinga to Hayden, OUT, extra pace from Malinga, straight and short, Hayden tangles himself up looking to bunt it from outside off through midwicket, doesn't get over it whatsoever and the ball scoops up to Farveez Maharoof

5.4 Malinga to Gilchrist, FOUR, outside off, a touch short, and it's a vintage Gilchrist - enjoy them while you can - a hard drive through the covers

10.4 Vaas to Ponting, FOUR, a huge outside edge dashes just wide of a diving first slip there, Jayawardene, the bowler doing well with the ball that shaped across him on a good length

11.2 Maharoof to Gilchrist, SIX, hello, a controlled lofted drive over long-on that travels fast and flat two rows back

12.1 Vaas to Ponting, OUT, Ponting gets across but doesn't play either forward or back, instead guiding the ball to Jayawardene at first slip, who had predicted his downfall before this match

17.4 Kulasekara to Gilchrist, SIX, short and what a way to bring up the fifty, everyone's on their feet as he pulls hard, great eye there, in front of square

25.3 Maharoof to Gilchrist, 1 run, dropped, rather, no attempt was made as Gilchrist tucks it high off his hips over to deep fine leg and Malinga has a refusal, not going for the dive forward

30.6 Malinga to Clarke, FOUR, on middle, another would-be yorker and Clarke punctures the pressure with a lovely guide off the legs in front of midwicket

36.2 Muralitharan to Clarke, OUT, beautiful doosra and out comes Clarke, drawn forward, and off come the bails, Sangakkara quicker than a whippet

37.4 Maharoof to Symonds, OUT, outside off, cuts hard at a wideish one, but under the ball and a woody-sounding click travels on to the keeper who takes a good tumbling catch low

38.2 Muralitharan to Gilchrist, 1 run, he's got is this time! This is his century! He turns it from outside off to midwicket and the crowd cheer long and loud. Awesome innings from one of the game's greas to bring up his 16th ODI century in his last match in front of his home crowd

41.1 Kulasekara to Gilchrist, SIX, shortish ball and that one goes very high and very long into the hill over at deep square leg

42.3 Muralitharan to Gilchrist, 1 run, dropped by Kapugedera coming in off the rope at deep midwicket, he was a bit lazy coming in and drops it on the crouch

43.2 Malinga to Gilchrist, OUT, Gilchrist is finally gone, trying to loft one over long-off and took a leading edge to the covers, Kapugedera holding on this time over his head, having dropped him last over

43.4 Malinga to Hussey, 1 run, dropped. Tharanga has put down a sitter at midwicket, the ball circling round his hands like on a roulette wheel, and he hangs his head in shame

49.4 Malinga to Lee, OUT, cleaned up with another excellent yorker to finish the tail off well, Lee backing away, and Malinga firing in on leg stump. Great comeback job from Sri Lanka's bowlers there, Malinga ends with four well-deserved wickets.

0.1 Lee to Dilshan, FOUR, What a start! full and on the pads, Dilshan cutely flicks it over backward square leg for a four, superb innovation at the top of the order

3.1 Bracken to Jayasuriya, OUT, he's thrown it away, Jayasuriya charges down the track and tries to smack Bracken over extra-cover, can only get a thick outside edge, though, and pops a simple catch to third man. The fielder there is alert and nabs one of the most important wickets. Needless shot after such a good start. But Bracken won't be complaining

3.6 Bracken to Sangakkara, FOUR, exquisite and four all the way, full and outside off, Sangakkara leans into the shot and creams it through the covers for a beautiful four, all along the carpet for a four

4.2 Johnson to Dilshan, OUT, castled! 142kph from Johnson and that's a yorker length ball that swings in late, Dilshan goes for the expansive drive but is beaten all ends up, through the gate, door and kitchen onto the middle and off stump. That sound of ball hitting stumps (tling) isn't going to please Dilshan. The WACA is on fire.

6.6 Johnson to Jayawardene, FOUR, dropped, by Ponting at second slip, Jayawardene flashes loosely, not much feet movement there and gets a healthy edge that flies towards second slip, Ponting lunges towards it but can only parry it away (goal-keeper style) to the third man region. Four more but a lucky one

8.4 Johnson to Sangakkara, FOUR, short and wide, Sangakkara latches on ferociously, moves into position and finds the gap through the covers, all the way for four, burns the grass

10.5 Johnson to Jayawardene, OUT, but he's gone now, just as he was getting set, the ball pushed across him making him play, hint of movement off the seam and with some late swing once he was committed to the shot, taking a step and thick-edging to second slip where Ponting makes no mistake

13.6 Bracken to Silva, OUT, outside off and there's a contender for catch of the season, Silva lashes a full-blooded cover drive to Symonds who pulls off an audacious take, diving low and really stretching out his left hand to get under it

26.5 Johnson to Kapugedera, no run, dropped. Another one, and this was Matthew Hayden at first slip as well, good pace on that, the batsman flashes hard to Hayden's left and it was on to him too quickly

32.4 Hopes to Sangakkara, 1 run, outside off, chopped back down into the gully, for a quick single to bring up Sangakkara's well-worked fifty

39.2 Hogg to Vaas, OUT, cut not particularly well, high up in the air in fact and Gilchrist takes a few steps forward for an easy catch - Hogg is on a hat-trick

45.3 Lee to Sangakkara, OUT, Lee finally gets a wicket which means he's taken a wicket in all international matches this summer. Sangakkara backs away to try to drive to mid-off and is bowled by a swinging yorker which clinks into leg

27.3 Hogg to Kapugedera, FOUR, top timing through the covers and the ball races on

33.4 Hogg to Sangakkara, FOUR, outside off, soft hands to guide it out to third man, and gets it past the fielder who runs on and crashes into the boards

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