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Commonwealth Bank Series, 2nd Final: Australia v India at Brisbane, Mar 04, 2008

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6.2 Lee to Uthappa, FOUR, Bracken's off in pursuit again as the batsman helps the short one on leg squarer this time, five metres or so too far away from the fielder

7.2 Bracken to Tendulkar, no run, dropped. A hard chance by Ponting, good placement by himself though, and he got both hands there as the bowler puts in a wide one and it's lashed hard to him at the short cover region

8.4 Lee to Tendulkar, FOUR, shot of the day which is but young of course, short ball outside off, Tendulkar cuts hard off the back foot, upper-cutting it wide and out towards third man

12.3 Clark to Tendulkar, 2 runs, a hint of room outside off, cut down behind point and the fifty partnership has come up now - Good work from this opening pair, content to play themselves in, taking no chances and being cautious throughout

13.1 Johnson to Tendulkar, FOUR, huge width outside off, and quite full, Tendulkar waits, and reaches out away from his body to steer it high over the slips

18.6 Clark to Tendulkar, 1 run, fifty! short ball outside off, dabbed down to third man and watched it all the way

19.5 Johnson to Tendulkar, FOUR, width outside off and cut hard through backward point, the ball a touch uppish but nowhere near a fielder and the ball rockets on

23.1 Clarke to Gambhir, FOUR, outside leg, Gambhir climbs straight into him with a drive through long-on, coming out of the track to meet the ball

24.2 Hopes to Tendulkar, 3 runs, cuts deeper this time, wide of Clarke and again Bracken does as well as he did earlier to chase round and dive out hard to cut it off just inside the rope

25.5 Clarke to Yuvraj Singh, SIX, Yuvraj wastes no time at all, superb timing and all eye there as he steps out and drives hard and flat over straight long-on

32.4 Symonds to Yuvraj Singh, FOUR, outside off and smashed hard up and wide of long-on, taking one bounce over the rope, good clean hands there

34.2 Symonds to Yuvraj Singh, SIX, outside off, comes out and sweeps down on one knee and that has gone fast and flat

36.3 Symonds to Dhoni, FOUR, down leg and Dhoni does very well to get any bat on that, turning it back past the keeper, hitting it like a croquet mallet

37.3 Clarke to Tendulkar, FOUR, the reverse sweep, quality, takes it from leg and really gets hold of that, a great shot behind square

46.1 Lee to Dhoni, SIX, short ball outside off, a mishit off the base of the bat initially looks like he will hole out, instead it travels all the way straight over the bowler with a full drive

48.6 Lee to Piyush Chawla, FOUR, outside off, pushes hard at it away from the body, you couldn't call it a convincing shot and it races past Gilchrist's glove to bring up the 250

0.3 Kumar to Gilchrist, OUT, and he's walked! Praveen Kumar has done the trick again, starts outside off and moving a shade away, tentative poke from Gilchrist and the ball kisses the outside edge on its way to the keeper, big appeal and he is on his way, Praveen can't contain his excitement, dream start for India, Gilchrist walks off to a rousing ovation, probably for the last time in a one-dayer

2.3 Kumar to Ponting, OUT, got 'em, now then, now then, short and outside off, Ponting goes for the pull and can't get hold of it, spoons an easy catch to Yuvraj at mid-on, that seemed to stop on him a bit, Yuvraj can't contain his excitement, Kumar is cock-a-hoop, what a start for him, someone must be planning a party in Meerut today

8.6 Kumar to Clarke, OUT, castled! that one kept low and Kumar's straighter one be25.6 Harbhajan Singh to Symonds, OUT, outside off, turns back a fair way and traps Symonds on the pad low and in front of middle and off, the batsman bending over the ball and it would have gone on to take middleats Clarke's defences, slightly short of a length, Clarke tries the pull but that ball shoots through, it's straight and rocks back off-stump, big blow for Australia, signs of up and down, India on a roll now

25.4 Harbhajan Singh to Symonds, OUT, got him! Symonds pushes into the covers, Yuvraj does the work, throwing the ball back in to Harbhajan who takes the stumps as Hayden can't back in at the non-striker's end

41.6 Sreesanth to Hussey, OUT, width and short outside off and Hussey cuts hard off the back foot, sending through a thick snick of an under edge to Dhoni who took it and started celebrating

46.4 Kumar to Lee, OUT, cleans him up this time with the slower one, Lee going for the huge pull across the line and the ball crashes on to the sticks

48.2 Sreesanth to Johnson, OUT, got him! A big edge through to Dhoni off the back foot, Sreesanth gets another wicket in similar fashion, a short ball way outside off, Johnson goes for the huge pull to midwicket and the under edge slicks through to the keeper

48.5 Sreesanth to Hopes, SIX, short ball outside off and Hopes scythes a full-blooded pull up and over long-on, wide of it, that travelled flat and hard for a maximum - Don't write Australia off just yet

49.2 Pathan to Bracken, OUT, full delivery comes in slow on off, Bracken swipes it up to midwicket where a pedalling Chawla runs over and takes it over his head at the second grasp

49.3 Pathan to Hopes, 2 runs, swinging yorker dug out to long-off and some good running there has them home

49.4 Pathan to Hopes, OUT, outside off and Hopes drives it up to Chawla at mid-on who takes the catch calmly and

India win!
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