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1st ODI: Australia v West Indies at Kinrara, 12 Sep 2006 [ Scorecard ]

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Australia Innings

  • 5.2 Edwards to Ponting, FOUR, lovely flick. it was on the middle and leg, Ponting waited for the ball to arrive, turned his wrists and tickled it down to the fine-leg fence.

  • 5.6 Edwards to Ponting, FOUR, fullish and well outside the off stump. Ponting reaches for it and throws the kitchen sink at it and the ball gets the outside edge, goes in the air but over the point fielder and thats that.

  • 7.1 Gayle to Katich, FOUR, gentle floater outside the off stump, overpitched as well... and Katich reached out and drove it past point.

  • 7.6 Gayle to Katich, FOUR, outside the off stump and driven to the cover fence.

  • 8.3 Bradshaw to Ponting, FOUR, overpitched and well outside the offstump and Ponting would have put it away in his sleep. Flashed to the cover fence.

  • 10.5 Smith to Katich, FOUR, short and well outside the offstump, Katich rocks back to cut it past point.

  • 11.2 Taylor to Ponting, FOUR, Oh ho! a snorter. A perfume ball as they say. It climbed up at his throat, Ponting shaped for a hook but was caught unawares by the pace and the lift, just about manages to get an upper edge, over the keeper....

  • 11.4 Taylor to Ponting, FOUR, another short one attempted but this time it didn't have that carry and Ponting rocks back and pulls it with panache.

  • 11.6 Taylor to Ponting, FOUR, Majestic pull. Short again but not that kind of alarming bounce and Ponting pulls it, as only he can, to midwicket fence.

  • 12.5 Smith to Ponting, FOUR, Wonderful wonderful shot. It landed short of length, outside the offstump and suddenly kicked up, but Ponting waited for it, leant back, and then, cleverly, tapped the ball over the slips. A skillful shot.

  • 13.1 Taylor to Katich, FOUR, again on the pads, fullish, Katich comes inside the line, waits for the ball to arrive, and uses his wrists to send the ball, along the ground, past square-leg.

  • 19.3 Bravo to Ponting, FOUR, down the leg side, tickled to fine-leg fence.

  • 19.4 Bravo to Ponting, FOUR, fullish and wide outside the off stump, Ponting reaches for it and crashes it over cover.

  • 21.6 Bravo to Clarke, FOUR, Wonderful push-drive that sent the ball along the turf between cover and mid-off. He leaned forward, and drove it on the up, the left elbow high and all that jazz. Beautiful to watch.

  • 25.4 Gayle to Cosgrove, FOUR, lovely late-cut for a four. It was on the off stump line, Cosgrove went back and tapped it ala Lehmaan.

  • 26.3 Bradshaw to Clarke, FOUR, whack! it was overpitched slightly, just outside the off stump and Clarke just hit through the line, cleanly, over the mid-off.

  • 26.5 Bradshaw to Clarke, FOUR, short and on the middle and leg stump and Clarke executes a lovely short-arm pull, past square-leg.

  • 29.1 Gayle to Clarke, FOUR, short and Clarke rocks back and has all the time in the world to dispatch it where he wants. He chose deep midwicket.

  • 32.6 Taylor to Cosgrove, FOUR, very poor fielding by Bradshaw at mid-off gives free runs to the Australians. It was full and outside the off stump and Cosgrove drove it along the ground but straight to mid-off. should have been stopped but .... the camera pans to Lara and well ..let me say ...its not an expression that his daughter Sydney would hope to see often.

  • 33.1 Gayle to Clarke, FOUR, lovely late-cut. First ball after the break, was floated just outside the off stump and it turned in slightly, Clarke gave himself room by slightly backing to the leg side and cut it past the wicketkeeper. Clarke is playing a lovely innings here.

  • 35.1 Edwards to Cosgrove, FOUR, starts off with a overpitched-delivery on the legs, Cosgrove takes his right foot outside the line, and whips it past midwicket.

  • 35.4 Edwards to Cosgrove, FOUR, short and well outside the off stump and Cosgrove reached for it and upper cut it over point. No effort was made to keep it down and the ball runs to cover point fence.

  • 35.5 Edwards to Cosgrove, FOUR, another four, this time a lovely extra cover drive. Hit on-the-up, off his front foot and peirced the field.

  • 40.6 Smith to Haddin, FOUR, gets off the mark with a lovely on-drive. It was fullish on the middle and leg, he leant forward, head over the ball and drove it past the midwicket.

  • 41.4 Bradshaw to Haddin, FOUR, slower delivery outside offstump, he lazily late cuts that off the face of the bat and it drops just short of the 'keeper and runs away fine.

  • 42.1 Smith to Clarke, FOUR, Take that! Smashed through the line, off the meat of the bat, straight back past the bowler and four! That was a cracking shot.

  • 42.6 Smith to Haddin, FOUR, Another one on the up! That is a clean hit. Fullish and outside the off, a full swing of the bat sends the ball back past the bowler and easily beats mid-on.

  • 43.5 Taylor to Clarke, FOUR, whack! slightly short of length, just outside the off stump but Clarke makes room by backing away to the leg side and slashes it over point.

  • 46.4 Bravo to Clarke, FOUR, low full-toss this time and Clarke swats it to the deep-midwicket fence.

  • 46.5 Bravo to Clarke, FOUR, The leather hunt is on. He walked down the track a bit and heaved it past midwicket fence.

  • 48.2 Bravo to Johnson, FOUR, another slower one, this one dipped on the off and middle stump, a ugly hoick across the line was attempted, gets an outside edge and it runs to third man fence. yeah yeah.... its a batsman's game and all that..

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