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6th ODI: Australia v India at Kinrara, 22 Sep 2006 [ Scorecard ]

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Australia Innings

  • 0.6 Agarkar to Hayden, FOUR, fuller this time, overpitched on middle and off, easily flicked in the gap at midwicket for four and Australia and Hayden are away, Agarkar ends a very good over with a boundary

  • 3.1 Patel to Hayden, FOUR, shot, gives him the charge, adjusts at the end as he isn't to the pitch, keeps the head still and checks his stroke, ball races between Munaf and the stumps for four down the ground

  • 3.4 Patel to Hayden, FOUR, served up in the slot outside off, Hayden eases into his shot, drives it on the up n the gap at extra cover and the ball races away to the fence

  • 4.6 Agarkar to Hayden, FOUR, fuller this time on middle and off, flicked on the up past mid-on for four and once again Agarkar gives a boundary off the last ball of an over

  • 6.5 Agarkar to Hayden, FOUR, overpitched in the exact same spot but Hayden won't miss out, plants the foot forward and punches that past RP for four

  • 7.1 Patel to Katich, FOUR, good shot, full outside off, he drives that between the stumps and mid-off for four

  • 8.4 Agarkar to Hayden, FOUR, full length outside off, poked at and gets a thick edge right where a second slip should have been, thats a life, Tendulkar at first slip may have been able to make it with a sharp move to his left but he doesnt even make an attempt

  • 13.4 Patel to Hayden, FOUR, short and wide and its well cut in the gap between point and cover for four

  • 13.6 Patel to Martyn, FOUR, short of a length outside off, driven off the backfoot past covers, Raina gives chase and slides on the ropes but messes it up and allows the boundary

  • 20.4 Singh to Hayden, (no ball) FOUR, lofted over midwicket, that was a no-ball short of a length and Hayden powers it over the infield to move on to 49

  • 20.6 Singh to Hayden, FOUR, width offered outside off stump and Hayden playes the square drive to the fence

  • 29.1 Harbhajan Singh to Hussey, FOUR, tossed up on leg stump, Hussey goes down on one knee and sweeps fine, the fielder on the boundary at fine leg runs across and dives but the ball beats him

  • 37.3 Sehwag to Hogg, FOUR, short on middle and off, Hogg back away and cuts that sweetly in front of square, anticipated more turn but times it well and picks up four, good shot

  • 37.4 Sehwag to Hogg, FOUR, another short ball and he rocks back and square cuts that hard, Munaf cant stop it on the ropes, four more

  • 44.3 Singh to Haddin, FOUR, good length on middle and off, he steps down and frees the arms and drives that inside-out past mid-off for his first four

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