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1st Test: India v England at Nagpur, 1 - 5 March 2006 [ Scorecard ]

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India 2nd Innings

  • 6.4 Hoggard to Jaffer, FOUR, Hoggard for once strays on to middle and leg, Jaffer quickly gets into position and clips it away to the backward square leg fence, good shot under pressure

  • 7.2 Harmison to Dravid, FOUR, pitched up and angling in, bit too full and Dravid drills it straight back down the track to the long-off fence, off the mark in style

  • 11.2 Flintoff to Jaffer, FOUR, bit too straight, Jaffer turns it away off the back-foot to the square leg fence, excellent timing and placement

  • 12.1 Hoggard to Dravid, FOUR, fuller length delivery, coming in with the angle, Dravid pushes forward and drives, ball hits the meat of the bat and races away to the long-off fence, solid shot

  • 13.5 Flintoff to Jaffer, FOUR, half-volley outside the off stump, right in the slot and that's thumped past the fielder at mid-off, good positive shot

  • 15.4 Flintoff to Dravid, FOUR, bit too straight and drifting down the leg side, Dravid moves forward and across and flicks it away to the vacant fine leg fence, excellent use of the wrist

  • 21.2 Panesar to Jaffer, FOUR, straight delivery, Jaffer steps forward and drives it straight down the ground to the long-on fence, excellent on-drive

  • 21.4 Panesar to Jaffer, FOUR, again bit too straight and Jaffer drives it straight down the track, mid-on is comfortably beaten and the ball races away to the long-on fence

  • 24.6 Blackwell to Jaffer, FOUR, shot! tossed up, pitched close to the leg stump line and turning across, Jaffer steps forward, gets well inside the line and drives it away wide of the cover fielder, excellent inside-out shot, placement was spot on

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