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1st Test: India v England at Nagpur, 1 - 5 March 2006 [ Scorecard ]

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England 2nd Innings

  • 43.2 Kumble to Pietersen, FOUR, well flighted delivery, Pietersen reaches out for it, takes it on the full and thulps it past the fielder at mid-on, no stopping that

  • 43.4 Kumble to Pietersen, FOUR, four more! fraction short and on the middle and off stump line, Pietersen rocks back and punches it away well wide of the fielder at mid-on, excellent placement

  • 44.6 Sreesanth to Pietersen, FOUR, juicy fulltoss outside the off stump and Pietersen hammers it straight back, Sreesanth fails stop it cleanly and the ball races away to the long-off fence

  • 46.2 Sreesanth to Pietersen, FOUR, fulltoss outside the off stump and that's pounded through extra cover for a fantastic four, Sreesanth was probably going for the yorker there

  • 46.5 Sreesanth to Pietersen, FOUR, short ball outside the off stump, Pietersen stands tall, gets right on top of the bounce and pulls it away to the midwicket fence, brute of a shot

  • 50.3 Harbhajan Singh to Pietersen, FOUR, tossed up delivery. swept away to the square-leg fence, the man at fine-leg was just a few yards away, but he had no chance of cutting it off

  • 52.1 Pathan to Pietersen, FOUR, fifty! short and angling across, Pietersen follows it and wallops it in the air and past the fielder at cover, long chase from Jaffer ends in vain - well played Pietersen

  • 53.2 Kumble to Cook, FOUR, cut away in the air to the third man fence and that's Cook's fifty!

  • 56.2 Pathan to Pietersen, FOUR, way down the leg side and Pietersen dismisses it to the fine leg fence, as easy as it gets!

  • 57.6 Kumble to Pietersen, FOUR, comes down the track, gets to the pitch of the delivery on this occasion and hits through the line, ball flies down to the long-on fence - Pietersen racing away with it at the moment.

  • 58.5 Pathan to Pietersen, FOUR, short of a good length delivery, Pietersen gets well forward and jabs it away through the gap between mid-on and midwicket, excellent shot

  • 61.1 Harbhajan Singh to Cook, FOUR, turning across sharply, Cook pushes forward to defend and ends up with a thick edge, ball races away to the third man fence, it's all going England's way here, boundary brings up the 100 partnership between these two

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