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2nd Test: India v England at Mohali, 9 - 13 March 2006 [ Scorecard ]

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England 1st Innings

  • 72.5 Patel to Jones, FOUR, full delivery from Patel, just a bit of width too, Jones goes after it, ball takes the outside edge but doesnt quite carry to Dravid at slip, who doesnt get his body behind the line of the ball, ball runs away to the boundary - that's four lucky runs for Jones

  • 73.6 Kumble to Flintoff, FOUR, tossed up legbreak on the stumps, Flintoff gets his frontfoot out of the way and sweeps it to the square-leg fence

  • 77.1 Kumble to Jones, FOUR, tossed up but way down leg, not a good ball at all, Jones sweeps that around the corner for four, good shot to a bad ball

  • 79.3 Kumble to Flintoff, FOUR, now thats a sweet shot! Tossed up on middle and off, Flintoff steps down and just lofts that over Kumble and down to long-off fence, top shot!

  • 82.3 Piyush Chawla to Flintoff, FOUR, flipper but Flintoff picks it well and sweep from middle and off all the way to the deep mid-wicket fence, good shot!

  • 83.3 Harbhajan Singh to Jones, FOUR, good attacking shot! Tossed up outside off and Jones takes it on the sweep, gets the middle of the bat and played it with the turn, ball races to the deep mid-wicket fence

  • 88.1 Piyush Chawla to Jones, FOUR, Chawla tosses it up on off, Jones obliges with that cracking sweep and sends it high towards the deep mid-wicket fence, productive shot and 1,000 Test runs for Jones

  • 88.5 Piyush Chawla to Jones, FOUR, bad ball, too short, a long-hop and Joens swivels and pulls that through mid-wicket for another four. Chawla being given the treatment on debut

  • 93.5 Patel to Jones, FOUR, now he connects, stand-and-deliver shot!Margin of error form Muanf, width offered and Jones stands tall and cuts that past point, fielders coulndt even move

  • 98.3 Pathan to Jones, FOUR, short of a length and outside the off stump, Jones cuts off the back foot and the ball races away to the cover fence, excellent shot to bring up his fifty!

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