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India v England 2008-09
CricinfoCricinfo: India v England 2008-09

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MATCH TURNING POINTS: INDIA vs ENGLAND at Mohali - Dec 19-23, 2008
0.3 Khan to Strauss, OUT, gone! An early strike for India as Zaheer sends down a very full delivery, Strauss comes across his crease and is struck in front of middle and leg stumps. A long appeal from Zaheer and Harper eventually raises his finger. There's a thought it might have missed leg stump, but it looks pretty good and a great early blow for the home side.
1.1 Sharma to Bell, OUT, gone! And another one goes, Sharma strikes first ball with a full ball that shapes back. Bell goes for a drive and gets a little inside edge which takes the ball straight into middle stump.
44.6 Mishra to Pietersen, 1 run, there it is, a brilliant hundred from Pietersen as he sweeps out to deep square leg. His 15th Test century and he salutes the whole ground.
71.1 Harbhajan Singh to Pietersen, OUT, what a time to strike, Harbhajan traps Pietersen from around the wicket, the ball pitched in line and straightened and umpire Rauf thought that was fine. It looked good first up and it was hitting leg stump on the replays.
72.6 Mishra to Flintoff, OUT, and another one falls, what a strike, Mishra has Flintoff caught low at short leg. A superb catch from Gambhir under the helmet as Flintoff gets an inside edge onto his pad. Anderson took a single to expose Flintoff again and he hasn't survived. Should Anderson have taken the whole over? That's what he was sent out to do.
Is Yuvraj Singh an automatic selection for India'a Test middle order?
Can't say