Cricinfo: Australia v India 2007-08
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2nd Test: Australia v India at Sydney,Jan 2-6,2008 - Day 5

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2nd Innings AUSTRALIA

  • 86.2 Harbhajan Singh to Hussey, FOUR, Hussey goes square of the wicket, top edging a sweep safely this time
    Australia 289/4 MEK Hussey 92* (199b 11x4) Harbhajan Singh 29.2-6-69-1

  • 88.3 Harbhajan Singh to Hussey, FOUR, paddled it round fine through fine leg, and that brings up his third century of the summer, his first at the SCG
    Australia 301/4 MEK Hussey 100* (207b 12x4) Harbhajan Singh 30.3-6-75-1

  • 90.3 Harbhajan Singh to Symonds, FOUR, down on one knee and smashed just past bat-pad, and that one travels
    Australia 310/4 A Symonds 20* (54b 2x4) Harbhajan Singh 31.3-6-83-1

  • 97.1 Singh to Symonds, FOUR, over the wicket, pushes across Symonds who cuts hard off the back foot and finds the gap
    Australia 328/4 A Symonds 28* (70b 3x4) RP Singh 14.1-2-51-0

  • 97.3 Singh to Symonds, FOUR, some width there and Symonds drives high and hard off the bottom of the bat through mid-off, and gets a one-bounce four
    Australia 335/4 A Symonds 34* (72b 4x4) RP Singh 14.3-2-58-0

  • 97.6 Singh to Symonds, FOUR, driven hard through the covers now and the fans love it
    Australia 341/4 A Symonds 40* (75b 5x4) RP Singh 15-2-64-0

  • 98.5 Sharma to Symonds, FOUR, outside off and opens up to find the gap through backward point with a crashing cut
    Australia 346/4 A Symonds 44* (79b 6x4) I Sharma 11.5-2-47-0

  • 100.3 Sharma to Symonds, FOUR, goes for a firm drive, the thick edge flies safe past the lone third slip
    Australia 354/4 A Symonds 52* (89b 7x4) I Sharma 12.3-2-54-0

  • 101.2 Kumble to Hussey, FOUR, a reverse sweep goes all the way this time and the lead edges towards 300 which could be the declaration target
    Australia 360/4 MEK Hussey 119* (241b 13x4) A Kumble 37.2-3-129-3

  • 101.3 Kumble to Hussey, FOUR, reverse swept down through third man this time
    Australia 364/4 MEK Hussey 123* (242b 14x4) A Kumble 37.3-3-133-3

  • 104.4 Singh to Hussey, FOUR, outside off, slashed hard through backward point
    Australia 385/5 MEK Hussey 134* (252b 15x4) RP Singh 15.4-2-69-1

  • 104.5 Singh to Hussey, FOUR, outside off, down the track, and driven well through the covers, aerially
    Australia 389/5 MEK Hussey 138* (253b 16x4) RP Singh 15.5-2-73-1

  • 2nd Innings INDIA

  • 3.4 Johnson to Laxman, FOUR, Laxman gets a touch squared up by one that pitches on a good length around off stump and angles away from him, he gets an outside edge that goes along the ground through the slip cordon for four
    India 13/1 VVS Laxman 8* (6b 1x4) MG Johnson 1.4-0-9-0

  • 6.4 Lee to Dravid, FOUR, Dravid jumps on to the back foot to a short ball and opens the face of the bat to guide the ball between slip and gully to the third man boundary
    India 17/1 R Dravid 8* (23b 1x4) B Lee 3.4-1-8-1

  • 7.1 Johnson to Laxman, FOUR, Laxman gets on to the front foot and drives away from his body, Johnson angles the ball across him and the outside edge flies between gully and third slip for four more
    India 21/1 VVS Laxman 12* (15b 2x4) MG Johnson 3.1-1-13-0

  • 7.5 Johnson to Laxman, FOUR, full ball outside the off stump, Laxman leans forward and drives gracefully through cover, he's hit that superbly
    India 25/1 VVS Laxman 16* (19b 3x4) MG Johnson 3.5-1-17-0

  • 10.6 Lee to Dravid, FOUR, shot, beautifully placed, Dravid moves forward to a full ball outside off and plays an elegant cover drive, it splits the infield and races towards the boundary
    India 34/1 R Dravid 12* (35b 2x4) B Lee 6-1-13-1

  • 12.4 Johnson to Dravid, FOUR, Dravid jumps on to the back foot and fends at a short of a length delivery which angles across him, close to off stump, the outside edge runs between second slip and gully for four
    India 38/2 R Dravid 16* (39b 3x4) MG Johnson 4.4-1-23-0

  • 13.5 Clark to Tendulkar, FOUR, Tendulkar gets off the mark in streaky fashion, he gets squared up by one that seams away from him from a good length, the outside edge runs between second slip and gully to the vacant third man boundary
    India 44/2 SR Tendulkar 4* (5b 1x4) SR Clark 2.5-1-7-1

  • 15.3 Clark to Tendulkar, FOUR, too straight on middle and leg stump, Tendulkar flicks off his pads to the vacant deep square leg boundary, lots of empty spaces in the outfield with so many catchers
    India 48/2 SR Tendulkar 8* (9b 2x4) SR Clark 3.3-1-11-1

  • 17.3 Clark to Tendulkar, FOUR, Tendulkar leans across to one on middle stump and closes the face of the bat to play the ball behind square leg, there's no one there and the ball runs to the boundary with Clarke in hot pursuit
    India 54/2 SR Tendulkar 12* (15b 3x4) SR Clark 4.3-1-15-1

  • 18.2 Johnson to Ganguly, FOUR, Ganguly moves across his stumps and flicks the ball with the incoming angle from over the wicket, he's hit that well although it was in the air near Symonds at square leg, the ball beats him and runs to the boudnary
    India 59/3 SC Ganguly 4* (3b 1x4) MG Johnson 7.2-2-31-0

  • 19.5 Clark to Ganguly, FOUR, this time he was in control, he rolled his wrists and pulled the ball along the ground through square leg for four more
    India 66/3 SC Ganguly 10* (10b 2x4) SR Clark 5.5-1-22-2

  • 22.4 Hogg to Ganguly, FOUR, driven off the back foot through the gap at cover, he's timed that well enough to reach the boundary India 75/3 SC Ganguly 18* (19b 3x4) GB Hogg 1.4-0-8-0

  • 23.6 Clark to Dravid, FOUR, brilliant placement, Clark has two fielders close in at midwicket but Dravid leant across his stumps and flicked the ball right between them to the midwicket boundary
    India 79/3 R Dravid 27* (71b 4x4) SR Clark 8-1-27-2

  • 26.5 Hogg to Dravid, FOUR, turned right back past him this time, and he chops down on it for four
    India 86/3 R Dravid 31* (79b 5x4) GB Hogg 3.5-1-15-0

  • 27.1 Symonds to Ganguly, FOUR, outside off, well struck the covers and I liked that one
    India 90/3 SC Ganguly 25* (31b 4x4) A Symonds 1.1-1-4-0

  • 27.2 Symonds to Ganguly, FOUR, a square drive on the front foot this time, driving out from his toes
    India 94/3 SC Ganguly 29* (32b 5x4) A Symonds 1.2-1-8-0

  • 27.3 Symonds to Ganguly, FOUR, three in a row of a similar shot, this one through the covers and Clark thought he had it covered, but his slide went in vain
    India 98/3 SC Ganguly 33* (33b 6x4) A Symonds 1.3-1-12-0

  • 30.1 Hogg to Dravid, FOUR, flat full toss outside off, driven hard through the covers
    India 106/3 R Dravid 38* (92b 6x4) GB Hogg 5.1-1-20-0

  • 32.3 Hogg to Ganguly, FOUR, rocked back to give himself room to cut hard in front of point
    India 111/3 SC Ganguly 39* (41b 7x4) GB Hogg 6.3-1-24-0

  • 32.5 Hogg to Ganguly, FOUR, short ball lifted off the back foot through midwicket
    India 115/3 SC Ganguly 43* (43b 8x4) GB Hogg 6.5-1-28-0

  • 36.2 Hogg to Ganguly, FOUR, turned back in from outside leg, right on to off and Ganguly plays against the spin to pull it firmly through midwicket for a two-bounce four
    India 123/5 SC Ganguly 48* (49b 9x4) GB Hogg 8.2-1-34-0

  • 37.1 Symonds to Dhoni, FOUR, swept round off the forearm behind him, to fine leg, Dhoni's eyes well off the ball
    India 129/5 MS Dhoni 8* (15b 1x4) A Symonds 6.1-1-22-2

  • 39.5 Symonds to Dhoni, FOUR, good pull shot, helped through midwicket
    India 137/5 MS Dhoni 14* (27b 2x4) A Symonds 7.5-1-28-2

  • 40.4 Lee to Kumble, FOUR, outside off, driven firmly through the covers and that goes on its way, good, firm shot
    India 141/6 A Kumble 4* (2b 1x4) B Lee 7.4-1-19-2

  • 41.2 Symonds to Kumble, FOUR, hit behind square towards fine leg for four
    India 146/6 A Kumble 8* (5b 2x4) A Symonds 8.2-1-33-2

  • 42.5 Lee to Dhoni, FOUR, Dhoni throws his bat at a wide delivery outside off and the outside edge flies between slip and gully for four
    India 150/6 MS Dhoni 19* (34b 3x4) B Lee 8.5-1-23-2

  • 44.4 Lee to Dhoni, FOUR, Dhoni moves forward to a fuller ball and drives past mid-off, he's timed that well and Hogg gives chase but can't catch it
    India 154/6 MS Dhoni 23* (39b 4x4) B Lee 9.4-1-27-2

  • 46.3 Lee to Kumble, FOUR, good length outside off stump, Kumble moves forward and drives through cover, he's timed that superbly
    India 159/6 A Kumble 12* (23b 3x4) B Lee 10.3-1-32-2

  • 47.6 Symonds to Dhoni, FOUR, this time it's a little over-pitched outside off stump, Dhoni leans forward and drives through extra cover for four
    India 165/6 MS Dhoni 28* (48b 5x4) A Symonds 12-3-37-2

  • 49.6 Symonds to Kumble, FOUR, Kumble backs away to cut but gets a thick edge that runs down to the third man boundary
    India 170/6 A Kumble 18* (36b 4x4) A Symonds 13-3-42-2

  • 51.5 Clark to Kumble, FOUR, Kumble pushes forward at one outside off and gets an outside edge past second slip for four more
    India 176/6 A Kumble 22* (41b 5x4) SR Clark 8.5-1-31-2

  • 55.6 Hogg to Dhoni, FOUR, short ball and Dhoni moves back in his crease and pulls through midwicket for four
    India 181/6 MS Dhoni 35* (68b 6x4) GB Hogg 10-1-40-0

  • 60.5 Hogg to Kumble, FOUR, bounce on that one, cut away through point off the back foot
    India 185/6 A Kumble 27* (71b 6x4) GB Hogg 11.5-2-44-0

  • 62.6 Hogg to Harbhajan Singh, FOUR, outside off, cut off the back foot this time
    India 192/7 Harbhajan Singh 4* (5b 1x4) GB Hogg 13-2-51-0

  • 68.3 Clarke to Kumble, FOUR, turned away a touch from outside off and Kumble unleashes an excellent back-foot cut
    India 207/7 A Kumble 42* (103b 7x4) MJ Clarke 0.3-0-4-0


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