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Key Details
Name: Imran Farhat
Sunsign: Taurus Symbol: The Bull
Birth Number: 20 Ruling Planet: Venus
Chinese Sign: Dog Type: Earth-Fixed-Negative
Sun Sign
Sun Sign Prediction: Taurus - The sign of the Builder, the producer
Personality: Kind-hearted, pragmatic. Materialistic, partical, artistic, self-in-dulgent, careful, trustworthy, patient and stubborn.
Positive Qualities: Practical, trustworthy, artistic, generous, stable and loyal, humane and kind.
Negative Qualities: Stubborn, possessive, prejudiced, coarse and earthy, lazy and self-indulgent, limited in outlook.
You are down to earth, very hard working. and extremely patient, says Ganesha. On the other extreme, you could be as stubborn as a bull. You are fond of food and music and are materialistic and like to have all the good things that money can buy, including a good home.. You could work best in banks, large corporations etc, being very hospitable and make good hosts. Taureans rarely get angry but when you do it could be deadly. Rigid in your opinions, you are consistent and trustworthy. Lethargy is one of your drawbacks, while tactfulness is one of your hallmarks. You use this quality to produce results and hence can make a good administrator. Being home birds, you make good home makers. Professionally, you can do well in interior design. You are very much attached to your family, friends and relatives. Steadfastness is another impressive virtue that you possess. You are a traditionalist and interact well with people. Jealousy, falsehood and narrow out look are some of your other negatives.
Birth Number
Birth Number Prediction: 20
There is no reason to rush ahead for martyrdom so fast and so soon. Leave some for yourself too, says Ganesha. A perpetual giver that you are, Ganesha notes that often people do not even hesitate to take you for granted. Blessed with a broad shoulder, more than often you offer yourself to others to lean on or worse still to cry upon. It is always a good idea, to look after your own comforts a bit. You are warm, loving, gentle, understanding, and magnanimous. Blessed with all these divine you are an ideal parent, mate, friend, or partner, and if you were a politician we could all rest easy.
Chinese Sign
Chinese Sign Prediction: Dog
You are compassionate and faithful, says Ganesha. Honest and sincere, Dogs are generally humanitarian and liked by everyone. You value tradition and adhere to orthodox views. Extending a helping hand to the others without any expectation is instinctive with you. It is observed that dogs do not love to be in public or in a party place but would enjoy sitting at home entertaining him/her own self in his/her own way. You hate injustice thus would not be afraid of voicing out the truth. A loyal and tried friend, you love to be appreciated for your loyalty and faithfulness. Ganesha finds you to be a good advisor and a sought after friend for those in trouble. A no nonsense person, you hardly waste time in fruitless things or unnecessary gossips. You get worried very easily if put in a fix, as you take things to the heart. Rather less materialistic you might care very little about money and power. You could be very serious in young age but very charming as you grow and your charm reaches to its peak when you are old.