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Key Details
Name: Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
Sunsign: Taurus Symbol: The Bull
Birth Number: 24 Ruling Planet: Venus
Chinese Sign: Ox Type: Earth-Fixed-Negative
Sun Sign
Sun Sign Prediction: Taurus - The sign of the Builder, the producer
Personality: Kind-hearted, pragmatic. Materialistic, partical, artistic, self-in-dulgent, careful, trustworthy, patient and stubborn.
Positive Qualities: Practical, trustworthy, artistic, generous, stable and loyal, humane and kind.
Negative Qualities: Stubborn, possessive, prejudiced, coarse and earthy, lazy and self-indulgent, limited in outlook.
You are down to earth, very hard working. and extremely patient, says Ganesha. On the other extreme, you could be as stubborn as a bull. You are fond of food and music and are materialistic and like to have all the good things that money can buy, including a good home.. You could work best in banks, large corporations etc, being very hospitable and make good hosts. Taureans rarely get angry but when you do it could be deadly. Rigid in your opinions, you are consistent and trustworthy. Lethargy is one of your drawbacks, while tactfulness is one of your hallmarks. You use this quality to produce results and hence can make a good administrator. Being home birds, you make good home makers. Professionally, you can do well in interior design. You are very much attached to your family, friends and relatives. Steadfastness is another impressive virtue that you possess. You are a traditionalist and interact well with people. Jealousy, falsehood and narrow out look are some of your other negatives.
Birth Number
Birth Number Prediction: 24
Ganesha finds you blessed with all the spirit of cooperation and dedicated assistance, fortified with solidarity, hard work, determina-tion, and trust, which makes you a great human being. You put all of your efforts into good works and work hard at everything you do. A bit too hard for your own good at times. Your home and family take first place in your world and you do everything is for them you can, rarely allowing anything to intrude on your relationship. You can be quite content relaxing with them at home and need nothing else. You enjoy the beauty of the things around you and strive to create as much as you can in everything, wherever that might be-in the home or your place of work.
Chinese Sign
Chinese Sign Prediction: Ox
Ganesha attributes allegiance and symmetry as your basic qualities. One can rely upon you as a friend and helping hand. Highly responsible, you are blessed with fair amount of accountability and sustainability. Being very courageous, you are seldom flexible in your views, and run the risk of being a rigid personality. Ganesha advises you to have some flexibility to come up with new dimensions in life. A loner at heart, you avoid pomp and show and are rarely the soul of a party. Concerned about home and family, you honour traditions and sometimes can have very conservative views. You have vivid memory and observation, which often surprises people. You believe in doing things in a much disciplined manner and hardly choose short-cuts.