Cricinfo: Pakistan v India 2005-06

5th ODI: Pakistan v India at Karachi, 19 Feb 2006

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Pakistan Innings

  • 10.5 Sreesanth to Imran Farhat, OUT: short one banged in, Farhat goes for the pull, he does not get hold of it, the ball goes off the top half of the bat up in the air and Sreesanth takes a simple catch in his followthrough! India strike!

    Pakistan 61/1, Partnership of 61
    Imran Farhat c & b Sreesanth 24 (33b 3x4 0x6)

  • 12.1 Sreesanth to Kamran Akmal, OUT: another short one, another wicket! Akmal goes for the pull, the ball goes off the top edge and balloons down to fine-leg, RP Singh settles under the steepler and Sreesanth has two wickets!

    Pakistan 70/2, Partnership of 9
    Kamran Akmal c Singh b Sreesanth 25 (34b 3x4 0x6)

  • 14.4 Sreesanth to Shoaib Malik, OUT: short of a good length, just outside the off, swinging away a touch, played at, the ball goes off the edge and Murali Kartik takes a sharp catch diving low! Another one for Sreesanth!

    Pakistan 76/3, Partnership of 6
    Shoaib Malik c sub (M Kartik) b Sreesanth 12 (17b 2x4 0x6)

  • 21.5 Powar to Inzamam-ul-Haq, OUT: tossed up and just outside the off, spinning in a touch, sweep played and missed, hit on the pad, loud shout for the lbw. Steve Bucknor gives it! Inzi a touch unlucky as he was struck outside the line while playing a shot.

    Pakistan 115/4, Partnership of 38
    Inzamam-ul-Haq lbw b Powar 21 (20b 3x4 1x6)

  • 40.1 Agarkar to Mohammad Yousuf, OUT: fullish, straight, on the pads, slower ball, Yousuf flicks but can only find Zaheer Khan in the deep! Agarkar strikes with the first ball of a new spell!

    Pakistan 210/5, Partnership of 95
    Mohammad Yousuf c Khan b Agarkar 67 (85b 6x4 0x6)

  • 43.5 Singh to Abdul Razzaq, OUT: short one banged in, Razzaq goes for the pull, top edge goes up in the air and Dravid takes the catch at midwicket! Vital breakthrough that!

    Pakistan 239/6, Partnership of 29
    Abdul Razzaq c Dravid b Singh 24 (15b 2x4 1x6)

  • 47.5 Khan to Yasir Arafat, OUT: Got him! Excellent slower delivery that from Zaheer as Arafat comes down the pitch and tries to heave the ball over the leg side, Zaheer is bang on target!

    Pakistan 261/7, Partnership of 22
    Yasir Arafat b Khan 10 (12b 0x4 0x6)

  • 48.3 Sreesanth to Mohammad Sami, OUT: full-toss outside the off, Sami slaps that straight to Kaif at cover. He doesn't miss those! Sreesanth gets a fourth wicket!

    Pakistan 264/8, Partnership of 3
    Mohammad Sami c Kaif b Sreesanth 2 (3b 0x4 0x6)

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