Summer Spice Series Standard Bank One-Day Triangular

Predict N Win Predict N Win Predict N Win

How to play

Before U begin ..just get the funda right.. all U have to do is this

  • You need to predict the answers for a list of questions based on past player performance before every India match begins ONLY (6 ODIs + 1final + 3tests).
  • You have a small one time registration in the beginning of the contest.
  • You will have to fill in the answer before the first 15 overs of the match in question.
Remember you need not answer all the questions, you may answer only the question you want to i.e. the questions, which you are confident about.

For every Correct answer you gets 4 points and for every wrong answer 1 point is DEDUCTED (this risk based scoring is where all your strategy starts !)

  • And that's it ! Remember to keep participating for every India match, we’ll remind you of the next date of course.
Winners would be on the following basis
  • Balanced Participant - The participant who wins the contest at the end of the tour
  • Defensive Participant - the participant who has got the highest proportion of answers correct eg he has answered only 20 times but he has got 15 correct ie 75% accurate
  • Aggressive Participant- the participant who has got the most Right answers even though he might have lots of wrong answers and hence lost out in the over all contest.
You stand to win 3 mega prizes at the end of the contest apart from daily prizes for top scorers of the day.