The Castrol Awards for Cricketing Excellence



The Castrol Awards for Cricketing Excellence define the paradigms of superiority in the sport. Rapidly becoming one of the most prestigious awards in Indian cricket, it embodies Castrol's own motto: The will to win; the determination to be number one. The 5 nominees for this year's awards are Agarkar, Dravid, Ganguly, Laxman and Tendulkar.

The contest is closed, but be back to check the results after the 3rd Test

The Castrol Awards for Cricketing Excellence  

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Castrol Awards
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Castrol, in association with CricInfo, brings you a cricket ranking contest. A weighted ranking system is presently being applied to all the members of the Indian team for the current tour of South Africa. Batting, bowling and fielding performances are awarded points, relative to the performance of the rest of the team. The points are collated at the end of the third Test match and players ranked in descending order.

Want to attend the Castrol Awards function with the Indian Cricket team and win fabulous prizes?
Here are three easy steps.

Step 1.
Nominate Top 3 Indian Performers for the India in South Africa tour
[ Check latest performances ]

Step 2.
How many runs will the Castrol Brand Ambassador Rahul Dravid score at the end of the series (ODI + Test)?

Step 3.
Please give us few details about yourself. This will help us to notify and rush your prize to you in case you win.

NameEmailTelephone (with STD code)
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The contest closes at the end of the second Test match. You may change your choices as many times as you wish before the closing date.

All entries are then collated, and the entry with all-correct (or maximum correct) responses will win the First Prize. In case of a tie, prizes are given to the participant who participated/answered earlier.

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