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Cricinfo: Indian Premier League 2008
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24th match: Rajasthan Royals v Chennai Super Kings at Jaipur, May 4, 2008
Sohail Tanvir to Patel, OUT, and he strikes first ball! With some swing! Tanvir pitches just outside off stump and brings the ball in exaggeratedly to Patel, who sticks his front foot forward and plays across the line, missing the line, and the umpire raises the finger of fate, looked fairly out to me.
Sohail Tanvir to Fleming, OUT, and he's gone as well! Fantastic start! Tanvir takes out Fleming for a duck as well, pitching outside off stump and striking Fleming marginally outside the line of off stump as he plants the foot out and shapes to play across the line, they all appeal and the umpire raises his finger once more, though this one looked a bit iffy as Fleming had a good stride forward.
Sohail Tanvir to Vidyut, OUT, edged and taken! Third wicket for Tanvir, pitching outside the off stump for Vidyut to go flashing, and the thick outside edge is snapped up by Warne at second slip.
Watson to Badrinath, OUT, caught and bowled! The short ball does the trick, getting it to come on quick to Badrinath, who tries to pull but gets himself into a tangle, the weight not transfered at all, and Watson just stands there and accepts the top edge.
Warne to Dhoni, OUT, and its no contest at all! Well bowled, Warne, flummoxing Dhoni with lovely flight and dip, turning it away from middle and leg to suck him forward into a faulty drive, the outside edge flies to Smith's right at slip but he chases it and snaps it up with those massive buckets.
16.1 Sohail Tanvir to Morkel, OUT, and another wicket for him first ball, landing on a length, swinging in the slower ball, and Morkel loses his stumps as he misses out on an ugly heave across the line.
2.5 Ntini to Smith, 1 run, oh thats another dolly gone missing, this time from Chennai! Smith gets back and makes a meal of a pull, the ball again coming onto him too fast, the ball just gently lobs up into the air to midwicket but its Joginder Sharma who lets Smith off, running in from mid-on and letting the ball in and out of his palms ... really easy catch, Smith was walking back to the pavilion.
4.6 Ntini to Smith, FOUR, makes room, skips aside, and slaps that firmly past cover and point.
5.1 Gony to Asnodkar, FOUR, edged wide of slip, as Asnodkar slashes hard off the front foot and evades the fielders, the ball speeding away, he was nowhere near the pitch of the ball.
6.6 Morkel to Smith, 4 leg byes, rubbish bowling from Morkel, again pitching full down the pads, ball clips Smith's pads and beats Dhoni, dribbling down to the fine-leg boundary.
10.5 Vidyut to Pathan, SIX, thats massive! Pathan doesn't waste time, stepping out and hammering that with the spin for a big brute of a hit over deep midwicket!
12.5 Vidyut to Watson, FOUR, now he fetches the ball from outside off stump and sweeps hard past midwicket with plenty of power for four - 10 in two balls.

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