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Cricinfo: Indian Premier League 2008
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43rd match: Bangalore Royal Challengers v Delhi Daredevils at Bangalore - May 19, 2008
Maharoof to Kallis, OUT,strikes straight away, full and wide, big outside edge as Kallis tries to drive hard and that's a sharp diving catch by Dinesh Karthik behind the stumps, latches onto and important catch and Steve Davis raises his finder this time.
Sangwan to Goswami, FOUR, that's cute, the boy in him comes out, short of a length and outside off, he waits for it till the last moment and angles his bat neatly, past the keeper to third man this time, that was done with the tenderness of a kiss, Goswami on a roll now .
Dilshan to Dravid, OUT, he's got 'em, that was a quicker one and there wasn't much spin there, Dravid tries to heave it over midwicket but that's through the gate and rattles the stump, the Dilshan plan has worked .
Maharoof to Goswami, OUT, down the track and tries to clear the midwicket region, bit of extra bounce for Maharoof and the leading edge pops high in the air for Dilshan, at point, to take a comfortable catch. End of a fine innings .
Maharoof to Misbah-ul-Haq, 1 run, OUT,disaster this time, fine fielding from Shoaib Malik at long-on and there's a reckless run-out for White, Misbah cracks it to long-off and Malik needed to decide whether to go for the catch or simply stop it, he decided to go for the safer option, picked up and threw it in fast, White wanted the second but Misbah hesitated, the ball went to Maharoof and he threw it to the keeper to take the bails off, White was too far down by then. This is a big wicket, he can really biff it towards the end .
McGrath to Kumar, OUT, sensational bowling this, as lovely a se.
Bhatia to Misbah-ul-Haq, FOUR, stands and whacks again, straight down to long-on this time, the fielder can't get to it and that's 24 off the over, fine flourish to end it all from Misbah. A splendid 25-ball 47 from Misbah that's set up a fighting total for Bangalore.
Steyn to Gambhir, FOUR, down the leg side and what a start from Gambhir, flicked with sweet timing to the square leg fence for four, too easy for the man with the orange cap.
Khan to Sehwag, FOUR, on the up and he's pulped that hard, not a bad ball but Sehwag is so good with these shots through the line, on the back foot and gives mid-off no chance .
Kumar to Sehwag, SIX, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sehwag's world, short again (how silly is that?) and pulled away nonchalantly over square leg for six, bread and butter that. Sehwag equals Jayasuriya for the most sixes in the tournament (20).
Kumar to Sehwag, OUT, what a catch! It required a moment of brlliance to end this knock. Short of a length and outside off, he rocks back and crunches it hard towards point but Chipli pulls off a sensational diving catch, lunging full-length to his left and completes the catch when still horizontal. That's the breakthrough but is it too late?.
Steyn to de Villiers, OUT, got 'em, that's a big wicket, could there be a twist in the tale? Steyn gets one short of a length and it's speedy, too close to the stumps there and AB tries to cut one that's too close to him, top-edge flies to the keeper and Bangalore are cock-a-hoop t-up as it gets, short one followed by yorkers, Kumar was softened up early and had no answer to this one - full and swinging into him, he's rooted to the crease and sees the base of off stump being rattled. That's why he's the master.
Steyn to Maharoof, SIX,Huge! Maharoof turns it on when it matters, backs away and blasts a short one way over backward point for six, he's held his nerve under pressure here and come up with a super shot, that's eased the pressure.
Khan to Dhawan, FOUR,straight and coming into the left-hander, he tries to loft it over mid-on but a thick inside edge has sneaked the gap between mid-on and midwicket, all the way for four, all over bar the shouting now .

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