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Cricinfo: Indian Premier League 2008
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Final: Chennai Super Kings v Rajasthan Royals at Mumbai - June 1, 2008
Pathan to Patel, OUT, Akmal's missed a stumping! But no he's caught it! Parthiv charges down the pitch and Yusuf fires in a flat and fast ball, Parthiv decides to run the ball towards third man but gets an edge to Akmal who fumbles the catch initially but then dives to his right to take the rebound, sharp effort, and I thought he had missed a stumping initially!.
Pathan to Morkel, OUT, caught! But two fielders are hurt! Morkel tries to go over deep midwicket again top-edges a flat and fast ball on middle and off, the ball goes in the air behind the wicketkeeper, Akmal turns around and goes for the catch, Kaif also runs in from short fine leg, Akmal takes the catch but then Kaif slides and crashes into Akmal's knees rugby style, Akmal did superbly to hold on to it because the impact was hard, both fielders lie on the ground.
Watson to Raina, OUT, caught! Big wicket that! Watson gave Raina the full ball outside off, Raina waited on the back foot, got under it and smashed the ball towards long off, he didn't get enough distance this time and Jadeja took a simple catch on the boundary, Warne is pumped .
Ntini to Kamran Akmal, FOUR, cheeky, he's walked across the stumps and whipped that past short fine leg for four, he knew both the fine leg and square leg were in the circle and chose his shot well .
Balaji to Watson, FOUR, deft, extremely deft, Watson waits in his crease and at the last moment opens the face of the bat to run the ball between the keeper and short third man, superb touch .
Muralitharan to Pathan, 2 runs, Raina's dropped it! Yusuf went after Murali and tried to loft him over deep midwicket, he hit it extremely high between midwicket and mid-on, Raina ran to his left from midwicket to try and get under the steepler, he fumbles the first attempt, barely manages to hold on on the second but as his hands hit the ground the ball falls out .
Muralitharan to Pathan, SIX, this is bigger! Yusuf charges again and uses all his muscle to swing the bat with a mighty follow through, he connects well and the ball flies into the first tier at long on, simply tremendous .
Gony to Pathan, no run, dropped again but it was a tough chance, Yusuf tries to pull a short of a length ball from outside off and flat-bats it towards Gony's left, the ball is traveling quickly and bounces off Gony's outstretched hand, those either stick or they don't
Muralitharan to Kaif, SIX, Kaif! He steps down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts Murali cleanly over deep midwicket for six, he cleared the boundary comfortably .
Ntini to Warne, FOUR, Warney! He backs away to a good length ball and smacks it with terrific hand-eye co-ordination through covers for four, superb placement for there was a fielder in the deep but the ball was hit to his right
Balaji to Sohail Tanvir, 2 wides, what has he done! Balaji has bowled a wide outside off stump, Tanvir lets it go and Parthiv fails to collect cleanly and the batsmen run, that's two runs without a legal delivery being bowled

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