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1. What is a "Plumb Wicket" ?

A soft field with pot holes
A wet pitch with water flowing
A perfect batting wicket unaffected by rain or wear

2. How did the term "A pair" - where a batsman is out for nought in each innings originate?

A pair of shoes walking off the field
Its short for a pair of spectacles i.e 00
A pair of rotten apples in the dressing room

3. Incredible India campaign wins which award?

Tourism Award
PATA Gold Award          (Hint: Click Here)
World Tourism Award

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8 - 12 March
1st Test Match
16 - 20 March
2nd Test Match
24 - 28 March
3rd Test Match
2 April
1st ODI
5 April
2nd ODI
9 April
3rd ODI
  12 April 4th ODI Ahmedabad
15 April
5th ODI
17 April
6th ODI

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