Cricinfo: India v Pakistan 2007
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4th ODI: India v Pakistan at Gwalior, Nov 15, 2007

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Sachin Tendulkar
  • 3.4 Pathan to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, drifts on to the legs and Malik is quick to jump on to that and whips it through midwicket. Easy pickings.
    Pakistan 12/1 Shoaib Malik 6* (7b 1x4) IK Pathan 1.4-0-9-0

  • 6.4 Singh to Younis Khan, FOUR, half-volley well outside off stump , Younis jumped at the line and the length and played a lovely square drive through cover point.
    Pakistan 22/1 Younis Khan 13* (22b 1x4) RP Singh 3.4-1-10-1

  • 10.4 Singh to Younis Khan, FOUR, steered through vacant slip region. It was full and just outside off stump, Younis opened the bat-face and guided it. He didn't intend to hit it so fine but he got a edge which took the ball finer.
    Pakistan 34/1 Younis Khan 23* (34b 2x4) RP Singh 5.4-1-19-1

  • 12.3 Pathan to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, Chased a wide delivery and some how managed to get it past point. He took a step down the track, lunged to his right and managed to square drive it past point.
    Pakistan 43/1 Shoaib Malik 17* (34b 2x4) IK Pathan 3.3-0-17-0

  • 13.3 Khan to Younis Khan, FOUR, full and smacked gloriously down the ground for a four, straight bat, markers name showing fully and creamed past the bowler for four. Breaks the shackles there.
    Pakistan 49/1 Younis Khan 31* (41b 3x4) Z Khan 3.3-0-12-0

  • 15.1 Khan to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, Full and wide, crashed through extra cover. Malik stretched well forward and across to cream it through extra cover.
    Pakistan 54/1 Shoaib Malik 22* (39b 3x4) Z Khan 4.1-0-17-0

  • 16.2 Pathan to Younis Khan, FOUR, classy. It was a touch short in length, a bit outside off, enough for Younis who whiplashes it to right of backward point.
    Pakistan 62/1 Younis Khan 37* (53b 4x4) IK Pathan 5.2-1-22-0

  • 19.1 Khan to Younis Khan, FOUR, flashed over square leg. It was short in length, from round the stumps, Younis stood tall to short-arm pull it over square leg.
    Pakistan 77/1 Younis Khan 46* (59b 5x4) Z Khan 6.1-0-26-0

  • 23.1 Yuvraj Singh to Mohammad Yousuf, FOUR, Effortless shot to the long-on boundary. Pure timing. It was floated on the off stump line, Yousuf glided forward and lofted it cleanly to the long-on boundary. One-bounce and over the ropes.
    Pakistan 92/2 Mohammad Yousuf 8* (11b 1x4) Yuvraj Singh 1.1-0-6-0

  • 27.2 Sehwag to Mohammad Yousuf, FOUR, a tad short in length, outside off stump, Yousuf was looking to get forward, shifted his weight on to the back foot and cut it through backward point.
    Pakistan 120/2 Mohammad Yousuf 22* (25b 2x4) V Sehwag 1.2-0-9-0

  • 32.3 Ganguly to Misbah-ul-Haq, FOUR, nice timing. It was short in length, outside off stump and Misbah punched it through extra cover.
    Pakistan 138/4 Misbah-ul-Haq 4* (2b 1x4) SC Ganguly 2.3-0-13-1

  • 34.4 Ganguly to Mohammad Yousuf, FOUR, fuller, on the off and middle stump line and Yousuf drills it through wide mid-off region. Very nicely placed.
    Pakistan 147/4 Mohammad Yousuf 36* (49b 3x4) SC Ganguly 3.4-0-20-1

  • 36.1 Ganguly to Mohammad Yousuf, FOUR, short of length, the ball holds up on Yousuf on this sluggish track but he waits on it before punching it through extra cover. Very well played. Classy stroke on a slow track.
    Pakistan 157/4 Mohammad Yousuf 44* (55b 4x4) SC Ganguly 4.1-0-25-1

  • 38.2 Pathan to Misbah-ul-Haq, FOUR, Partly-steered, partly-edged to third man boundary. Fullish, angling away from Misbah who opened the face of the bat and steered it through the vacant slip region.
    Pakistan 171/4 Misbah-ul-Haq 16* (16b 2x4) IK Pathan 6.2-1-29-0

  • 40.6 Pathan to Mohammad Yousuf, FOUR, very full and on the stumps, this time Yousuf lines the ball up well and hits between mid-on and midwicket, using the angle of the delivery. The timing and placement are spot on and Pakistan get a much-needed boundary.
    Pakistan 184/4 Mohammad Yousuf 60* (77b 5x4) IK Pathan 8-1-39-0

  • 43.4 Singh to Mohammad Yousuf, FOUR, Bang! This time Yousuf gets hold of one that is pitched up and launches it inside out and over cover. That's a cracking shot and a trademark Yousuf one at that.
    Pakistan 205/4 Mohammad Yousuf 74* (84b 6x4 1x6) RP Singh 7.4-1-29-1

  • 47.5 Pathan to Mohammad Yousuf, FOUR, another slower one but this time Yousuf was ready. It was also short in length and Yousuf swung it over short fine leg fielder.
    Pakistan 235/5 Mohammad Yousuf 87* (97b 7x4 1x6) IK Pathan 9.5-1-51-1

  • 48.4 Khan to Sohail Tanvir, FOUR, short in length, slanting away from Tanvir who top-edges a slog over Dhoni's head.
    Pakistan 243/5 Sohail Tanvir 6* (3b 1x4) Z Khan 9.4-0-40-1


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