Cricinfo: India v Pakistan 2007
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Cricinfo - India v Pakistan 2007-08 - Test 2 - India 2nd Innings

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  • 2.6 Shoaib Akhtar to Karthik, FOUR, fullish, on the middle, trying to trap him lbw, Dinesh plants his left foot across but not so much as Shoaib anticipated and whips it through wide midwicket. That would give him and his wife lots of confidence.
    India 7/0 KD Karthik 4* (13b 1x4) Shoaib Akhtar 2-0-5-0

  • 3.5 Sohail Tanvir to Jaffer, FOUR, full and on the legs, Jaffer glances it away fine. Easy pickings.
    India 11/0 W Jaffer 6* (10b 1x4) Sohail Tanvir 1.5-0-5-0

  • 5.3 Sohail Tanvir to Jaffer, FOUR, gift down the leg side and Jaffer collects a boundary with a flick
    India 19/0 W Jaffer 13* (18b 2x4) Sohail Tanvir 2.3-0-12-0

  • 8.2 Shoaib Akhtar to Karthik, FOUR, edged past second slip. Only two slips in place. It was short of length and outside off stump, Karthik slashes it past the slips
    India 25/0 KD Karthik 9* (25b 2x4) Shoaib Akhtar 4.2-0-12-0

  • 9.6 Mohammad Sami to Jaffer, FOUR, overpitched on the legs and that's Jaffer's area and he flicks it away with ease
    India 29/0 W Jaffer 17* (33b 3x4) Mohammad Sami 2-1-4-0

  • 11.2 Mohammad Sami to Jaffer, FOUR, full pitched outside off stump and Jaffer off drives elegantly through wide mid-off
    India 35/0 W Jaffer 21* (36b 4x4) Mohammad Sami 2.2-1-8-0

  • 13.4 Mohammad Sami to Karthik, FOUR, edged to left of the lone slip who is standing wide. It was short in length , outside off stump and Karthik goes for a risky dab to third man. It flies to left of Yasir who dives but can't reach it.
    India 46/0 KD Karthik 16* (42b 3x4) Mohammad Sami 3.4-1-17-0

  • 15.2 Mohammad Sami to Jaffer, FOUR, short of length, on the middle and Jaffer pulls it through midwicket and India lead by 213
    India 53/0 W Jaffer 30* (45b 5x4) Mohammad Sami 4.2-1-23-0

  • 15.5 Mohammad Sami to Jaffer, FOUR, fuller, on the off stump line and Jaffer wrists it through midwicket. He fetched it from off stump and rolled his wrists over it to send it to the leg side
    India 57/0 W Jaffer 34* (48b 6x4) Mohammad Sami 4.5-1-27-0

  • 16.3 Danish Kaneria to Jaffer, FOUR, full toss on the off stump and Jaffer off drives through wide mid-off and India surge ahead
    India 62/0 W Jaffer 39* (52b 7x4) Danish Kaneria 2.3-0-7-0

  • 18.3 Danish Kaneria to Karthik, FOUR, tossed up, on the middle and off, Karthik drove it inside-out over wide mid-off and moves to 24
    India 71/0 KD Karthik 24* (53b 4x4) Danish Kaneria 3.3-0-13-0

  • 18.4 Danish Kaneria to Karthik, FOUR, another boundary. He kept his left foot out and again drove inside-out and this time over extra cover. The crowd love it.
    India 75/0 KD Karthik 28* (54b 5x4) Danish Kaneria 3.4-0-17-0

  • 22.6 Sohail Tanvir to Jaffer,FOUR, lovely on drive. It was full and on the middle and leg, Jaffer leaned forward to ease it between mid-on and midwicket
    India 94/1 W Jaffer 56* (74b 8x4) Sohail Tanvir 6-0-25-0

  • 26.1 Sohail Tanvir to Dhoni, FOUR, crispy on-the-up straight drive. It was a length delivery, on the middle stump and Dhoni just punched it through the line
    India 110/2 MS Dhoni 17* (24b 1x4) Sohail Tanvir 7.1-0-35-0

  • 29.1 Danish Kaneria to Ganguly, FOUR, dropped by Shoaib. Tossed up, outside off stump and Ganguly drove uppishly, he wanted to clear mid-off but he couldn't get the elevation and Shoaib stretched his hands out but couldn't hold on
    India 122/2 SC Ganguly 12* (15b 1x4) Danish Kaneria 8.1-0-33-2

  • 34.3 Shoaib Akhtar to Ganguly, FOUR, Ganguly breaks free with a ODI shot. He moved to the leg side and flat-batted a short-of-length delivery over covers
    India 139/2 SC Ganguly 23* (31b 2x4) Shoaib Akhtar 8.3-0-24-0

  • 37.6 Danish Kaneria to Ganguly, FOUR, poor fielding continues. This time its Misbah. Ganguly had pulled a short one to right of deep square leg, along the ground, where Misbah makes a mess of it. 18 runs have come in these two overs
    India 159/2 SC Ganguly 37* (44b 3x4) Danish Kaneria 13-0-50-2

  • 38.4 Shoaib Akhtar to Dhoni, FOUR, slashed away to point boundary. It was short in length, outside off stump and Dhoni went back to carve it through backward point
    India 166/2 MS Dhoni 37* (60b 2x4) Shoaib Akhtar 10.4-0-40-0

  • 40.5 Shoaib Akhtar to Dravid, FOUR, full in length, another slower one but this time Dravid picks it up and lofts it over mid-on
    India 174/3 R Dravid 6* (8b 1x4) Shoaib Akhtar 11.5-0-44-1

  • 41.3 Danish Kaneria to Ganguly, FOUR, backs away to the leg side at the last minute and cuts a googly to deep cover boundary.
    India 180/3 SC Ganguly 45* (53b 4x4) Danish Kaneria 14.3-0-59-2


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