Cricinfo: South Africa in India 2005-06


2nd ODI: India v South Africa at Bangalore, 19 Nov 2005 [ Scorecard ]

South Africa Innings

  • 19.4 Harbhajan Singh to Prince, FOUR, almost! swept away in the air to the fine leg region, RP Singh down there messes it up badly - caught in two minds whether to go for the catch or not - in the ends the ball skids past him and rolls over the ropes

  • 20.2 Singh to Boucher, FOUR, short! slightly short and angling across, Boucher leans back and creams it away through backward point - that's a top shot

  • 28.5 Kartik to Kemp, FOUR, drifting down the leg side and Kemp turns it away fine, ball races away to the fine leg fence - fielder was bit square and he had no chance of cutting it off

  • 29.2 Sehwag to Prince, FOUR, on the middle and leg stump line, Prince quickly reverses the face of the blade and sweeps it away to the third man fence - well played

  • 33.1 Sehwag to Kemp, FOUR, tossed up outside the off stump, in the slot and Kemp drives through covers - good shot

  • 39.4 Sehwag to Kemp, FOUR, tossed up and turning in, Kemp gets a good stride forward and hammers it down to the wide long-on fence, that's a powerful shot

  • 44.5 Yuvraj Singh to Pollock, FOUR, edged and the ball races away after kissing Dhoni's gloves, welcome runs for South Africa

  • 46.6 Yuvraj Singh to Botha, FOUR, edged and the ball races away to the third man fence, Dravid at first slip failed to pick it up

  • 49.3 Agarkar to Botha, FOUR, attempted yorker, end up as a fulltoss down the leg side, Botha keeps his cool and nicely taps it away wide of the fielder at short fine leg

  • 49.4 Agarkar to Botha, FOUR, pitched up outside the off stump and Botha smashes it straight down the ground to the long-off fence

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