Cricinfo: Sri Lanka in India 2005-06

1st ODI: India v Sri Lanka at Nagpur, 25 Oct 2005 [ Scorecard ]

Sri Lanka Innings

  • 13.5 Kartik to Jayawardene, FOUR, bit of width outside the off stump, this time Jayawardene gets solid bat on it, ball flies away well wide of the cover fielder, excellent placement

  • 16.5 Harbhajan Singh to Dilshan, FOUR, edge and through! the one that goes straight on, Dilshan playing for the off break ends up with a thick edge, ball goes right between Dravid at first slip and Dhoni who was going the other way

  • 17.3 Kartik to Dilshan, FOUR, swept away to the fine leg region, Santh over runs it and four runs gets added to the Sri Lankan total

  • 24.4 Harbhajan Singh to Vaas, FOUR, played away to the third man fence

  • 25.4 Kartik to Vaas, FOUR, down the track and bang - ball races away to the long-off boundary

  • 27.4 Kartik to Vaas, FOUR, tossed up outside the off stump, Vaas hits it with the spin and the ball races away to the midwicket fence

  • 27.5 Kartik to Vaas, FOUR, four more! this one is again fuller and on the stumps, Vass steps forward and drives it straight down the ground to the long-on fence

  • 29.2 Kartik to Dilhara, FOUR, tossed up on the stumps and Dilhara lofts it down to the long-on fence

  • 31.3 Santh to Vaas, FOUR, good length delivery outside the off stump, Vaas goes after it, ball clips the edge and races away to the third man fence

  • 32.3 Sehwag to Dilhara, FOUR, long-hop, Dilhara rocks back and pulls it away to the square leg fence

  • 35.2 Santh to Muralitharan, FOUR, pitched up, Murali makes room and smashes it down to the long-off fence


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