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India v England 2008-09
CricinfoCricinfo: India v England 2008-09

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MATCH TURNING POINTS: INDIA vs ENGLAND - ODI 2, at Indore - Nov 17, 2008
38.5 Collingwood to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, that's back to back tons for Yuvraj and there's no stopping him! He deftly steers it wide of point and leaps in the air after getting to three figures.
49.6 Harmison to Pathan, 1 run, And Yusuf Pathan celebrates his 26th birthday with his maiden ODI fifty! He clips it down to deep square leg, a ballistic knock off just 29 balls, well done.
0.6 Khan to Bell, OUT, athleticism at its best and Raina is the toast of the team at the moment, Bell taps it with soft hands in front of Raina at short mid-off and sets off confidently, the ball goes across Raina but it doesn't hinder his dive as he slides and in one motion under arms the ball at the stumps, there's no need for a replay, Bell was miles out of his crease
37.2 Yuvraj Singh to Flintoff, OUT, a wicket falls against the run of play, Yuvraj floats it on middle and leg, he gets on his knee early to slog sweep but the ball hits him in line with legstump, Saheba gives it out immediately.
37.5 Yuvraj Singh to Pietersen, OUT, and it's that man Yuvraj again! Pietersen gets down to defend and leaves a lot of daylight between bat and pad, the ball pitches on off stump and goes through straight and knocks the off stump.
Is Yuvraj Singh an automatic selection for India'a Test middle order?
Can't say