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India v England 2008-09
CricinfoCricinfo: India v England 2008-09

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MATCH TURNING POINTS: INDIA vs ENGLAND - ODI 5, at Cuttack - Nov 26, 2008
30.4 I Sharma to Flintoff, OUT, Flintoff's gone! big wicket for India, pitched up, a bit of width, Flintoff goes for the drive, only gets an outside edge which flies straight to Sachin Tendulkar at slip
44.6 Khan to Pietersen, 1 run, a touch shorter, on middle and leg, whipped away towards midwicket. Only 32 runs in this Powerplay, England will be disappointed with that,credit to the Indian quicks for maintaining a great length.
12.5 Swann to Sehwag, FOUR,comes down the track to try bring up his fifty with a six, doesn't get hold of it but it still flies over mid-off for a four.
23.1 Broad to Sehwag, OUT, Sehwag's gone, that's another massive wicket for England, Stuart Broad gets Sehwag lbw, that ball came into Sehwag, who tried to play it to down the ground off the back foot, he missed and the umpire thought that was out, that would have definitely been missed leg.
32.3 Swann to Dhoni, no run, shortish ball, Dhoni gets a big stride in and pokes at it, the ball goes through to the keeper, huge appeal, first for caught-behind and then for a stumping ... given not out after many replays proved inconclusive, Dhoni gets the benefit of the doubt.
Is Yuvraj Singh an automatic selection for India'a Test middle order?
Can't say