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India v England 2008-09
CricinfoCricinfo: India v England 2008-09

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MATCH TURNING POINTS: INDIA vs ENGLAND at Chennai - Dec 11-15, 2008
39.6 Harbhajan Singh to Cook, OUT, and Cook loses his composure in what has been a top over! Harbhajan is rewarded for a nagging few deliveries, he takes pace off the ball and tosses it up, Cook fetches it from outside off stump with a mess of an attempted slog sweep, the ball skies up into the air and Zaheer settles under it at mid-on ... Cook was batting really well until that brain freeze
63.6 Khan to Strauss, FOUR, well played, Strauss! Zaheer pitches a tad wide and Strauss edges it away along the ground through the slips and gully for his 13th Test hundred, second against India, and a very good one too ... he knows how much it means and breaks into a beaming smile
65.4 Khan to Pietersen,OUT, another one goes! Zaheer removes an uncertain Pietersen, whose attempt to pull a short ball takes the splice of the bat and goes nowhere but into the bowler's hands, running across towards the on side, what a massive wicket for India
72.2 Harbhajan Singh to Collingwood,OUT, oh he's given him, has Billy! Harbhajan tosses it up, slowing down the pace, the ball pitches and takes nothing but pad en route to Gambhir at short leg, they ask the question and Bowden raises the crooked finger ... replays show Collingwood got his bat nowhere near the ball, so a harsh call you have to say, and a very lucky wicket for India and Harbhajan
83.3 Mishra to Strauss, OUT, well held, Mishra! Strauss falls close before stumps, chipping a generously tossed up delivery back towards Mishra's left and he dives to take a very good catch, ending a fine innings from Strauss, one which may prove very crucial as this match pans out
Is Yuvraj Singh an automatic selection for India'a Test middle order?
Can't say