Cricinfo: VB Series 2005-06

1st Match: Australia v Sri Lanka at Melbourne (DS), 13 Jan 2006[ Scorecard ]

Australia Innings

  • 10.6 Fernando to Ponting, SIX, Max! on the legs, Ponting flicks it away nicley over fine leg fence, excellent shot!

  • 15.4 Vaas to Martyn, SIX, Max! Great shot! length ball, Martyn charges down again and lofts it high and handsome over the cover fence

  • 30.2 Muralitharan to Symonds, SIX, Max! great shot! flighted ball, Symonds charges down the track and lofts it high and over long-on fence

  • 31.2 Perera to Symonds, SIX, Max!pitched up just outside off stump, Symonds lofts it over long-off fence, amazing hit! back over the wicket

  • 32.5 Muralitharan to Martyn, SIX, tossed up by Muralitharan, Martyn uses his feet and clubs it over mid-wicket, amazing hit from Martyn!

  • 34.3 Dilshan to Symonds, SIX, Max again! Symonds charges down, Dilshan bowls it short but batsman picks up the length and pulls it over mid-wicket fence into the crowd!

  • 37.1 Muralitharan to Symonds, SIX, Max again! Symonds uses his feet and lofts it flat over long-on fence, amazing hit once again from Symonds!

  • 45.4 Muralitharan to Clarke, SIX, Max! Good shot! flighted ball on the leg stump, batsman swings it high and over the square leg fence

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