Cricinfo: VB Series 2005-06

2nd Match: Australia v South Africa at Brisbane, 15 Jan 2006[ Scorecard ]

Australia Innings

  • 24.6 Zondeki to Lee, SIX, short and rising delivery outside off stump, Lee plays the upper cut shot, ball sails over the thirdman fielder for a MAXIMUM!

  • 26.6 Kruger to Lee, SIX, MAXIMUM! slower ball, bit full, Lee picks it up and launches it over the long-on fence, excellent shot!

  • 38.1 Zondeki to Lee, SIX, short ball, good shot! Lee hits flat and hard over the long-on fence.

  • 48.1 Zondeki to Clark, SIX, short ball, Clarke makes room, gets a top edge over the fine leg fence for a MAXIMUM!

South Africa Innings

  • 45.5 Lee to Kemp, SIX, MAXIMUM! lovely shot! pitched up, Kemp drives it high in the air over the long-on fence.

  • 47.6 McGrath to Boucher, SIX, pitched up, MAXIMUM! Boucher picks it up and drives it flat in the air over the long-on fence, good shot!

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