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13th Match, Group D: West Indies v Zimbabwe at Kingston, Mar 19, 2007 [ Scorecard ]

[ Zimbabwe Innings | West Indies Innings ]

West Indies Innings

    © Getty Images
  • 2.1 Mpofu to Chanderpaul, FOUR, wrong length, too full, and that's driven through cover with nice timing, Chanderpaul leaning into it and sending it well on its way

  • 8.1 Ireland to Gayle, FOUR, stands up and smashes that short ball through midwicket, punished, and the pressure that was gradually building - particularly on Gayle - is immediately punctured

  • 8.5 Ireland to Gayle, FOUR, good shot! Picked off the pads and driven uppishly off the toes in front of midwicket. This is more like the Gayle we know and love/loathe depending on who you support

  • 10.2 Ireland to Gayle, FOUR, this one beats the fielder...outside off stump, but Gayle doesn't care about that and disdainfully swings it past mid on with awesome power

  • 11.5 Mupariwa to Chanderpaul, FOUR, beautifully driven, it was a floaty half-volley and Chanderpaul got his foot to the pitch and just stroked through the line...went wide of a diving mid off and raced away...classy shot

  • 12.6 Chigumbura to Chanderpaul, FOUR, great shot, another medium-paced half-volley which Chanderpaul leans into and sends speeding between mid off and cover...that raced away and Chanderpaul looks very comfortable out there

  • 21.2 Chigumbura to Samuels, FOUR, cracking drive off the front foot, a straight drive of high quality. He stays in his crease, and just watches it go

  • 21.5 Chigumbura to Samuels, FOUR, timed off the back foot through cover, opening the blade nicely and hit right on the top of the bounce

  • 22.5 Ireland to Sarwan, FOUR, great response from Sarwan, standing tall and that's a sweetly timed on-drive

  • 24.4 Ireland to Sarwan, FOUR, short, outside off, and that's powerfully played over cover to rocket to the boundary for a one-bounce four

  • 26.3 Ireland to Samuels, FOUR, fetch that - short, and taken from off with a well-struck pull which fair rockets away in front of midwicket

  • 37.6 Williams to Bravo, FOUR, pressure-relieving boundary, Bravo rocks back as Williams drops slightly short and lifts it over the infield and out through deep midwicket

  • 39.5 Chigumbura to Lara, FOUR, well placed from Lara, didn't try to keep it down, picked a slightly shorter ball outside off stump and up and over point and beat third man into the fence

  • 42.2 Mpofu to Bravo, FOUR, that's a classy shot, long half-volley and Bravo leans into it and just glides the ball through the covers with great timing...mid off makes a good chase and actually gets a hand on it, but slides into the rope while he still has hold of the ball

  • 46.5 Mpofu to Bravo, FOUR, he was going to flash and he flashed hard - and that's a wild edge that flies behind, very fine, and the ball flies up and on its way to the boundary

  • 47.4 Chigumbura to Lara, FOUR, lovely high backlift brought down like an inevitable guillotine with a lovely cover drive